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Rumour or Truth? Jaden Smith Serious Illness And Love Life!

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Rumour or Truth? Jaden Smith Serious Illness And Love Life!: Being the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, he has grown up in the spotlight and is very much used to the attention he gets.

Jaden Smith Health Problems

However, the end of 2019 saw rumours circulating about him suffering from a severe illness.

The Facebook talk show ‘Red Table Talk’ saw Will and Jada discussing their son’s degrading health. Jaden’s health was degrading as he had just switched to an overly-restrictive vegan diet.

Jaden Smith in the frame
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Supposedly, the sudden switch in his diet, from a regular one to a vegan diet, didn’t suit his body and all could visibly see his depleting health.

Jada quoted saying, “He just looked drained, he depleted. Jaden wasn’t getting the nutrients”, “We realized he wasn’t getting enough protein.”

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith with their son, Jaden and daughter, Willow
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People came in large numbers to express concern regarding his health with stories of them providing him help, water, and food doing the rounds. The 21-year-old star laughed off the attention and said: “I’m fine.”

His at that time, diminishing health was thought to have been caused by the sensitivity of his stomach, which could be corrected using precautionary measures and eating the right kind of foods alongside a regular supplement intake.

Jaden Love-Life And Rumours

Also, Jaden’s love life was recently found doing the rounds on the internet as he tweeted about his now-rumoured boyfriend, Tyler, the creator.

Jaden Smith and now-rumoured boyfriend, Tyler
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Although either of them has confirmed nothing, this news has been going on for a while with people speculating various things over the internet, and the rumours refuse to die down. Stories about Jaden Smith, dating Sofia Richie as they were on the beach.

Jaden and Sofia enjoying on the beach
Source: Page Six

The pair was seen being flirty with each other and hugging. Though, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Jaden was asked about his relationship with Sophie.

To watch the episode click here.

Jaden on hearing it cleared the rumours though. Further, he added that he and Sophie had been friends for ten years. He claimed that they were nothing more than ‘homies’.

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