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Ryan Reynolds Requests Young Canadians To Stop Partying To Save The Older Generation From Coronavirus !

Ryan Reynolds
Source: People

Ryan Reynolds Requests Young Canadians To Stop Partying Amid Covid-19

Ryan Reynolds is using his celebrity personality to spread his message on coronavirus. He feels that the young generation of Canada is not taking the virus seriously and is partying all the time. So he requested the youth of Canada to stop this and take necessary precautions for the virus. He said in his message, “Young folks in B.C. (British Columbia), they’re partying, which is of course dangerous. They probably don’t know that thousands of young people aren’t just getting sick from coronavirus, they’re also dying from it too.”

Ryan Reynolds
Source: People

Ryan Reynold Urges For More Precaution To Safeguard Old People

With the pandemic staying with us for many months, we now know many things about the virus. One important thing is that the virus can act more severely for old people due to their weak immune system. Ryan hails from British Columbia, and his message was especially for the youth of B.C. to protect the older generation of B.C. He further said, “It’s terrible that it affects our most vulnerable. B.C., that’s home to some of the coolest older people on Earth.”

Ryan Reynolds Wants His Mother To Be Safe And Healthy

Ryan’s message comes from a personal perspective, where he wants his mother to be safe and away from the virus. He also gave reference to environmentalist David Suzuki who also lives in B.C. He requested the young lads of B.C. to act sensibly and keep his mother away from this virus. Ryan said, “I hope young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom frankly. Or David Suzuki. Or each other. Let’s not kill anyone. I think that’s reasonable.” Ryan is genuinely worried about his mother and the older population of British Columbia that is vulnerable to the fatal effects of coronavirus.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
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Ryan Reynolds Ends With A Joke Reference To His Wife, Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds ended his message on a lighter note and gave a reference to his wife, who is a part of the series Gossip Girls. He said, “I love parties. My favourite thing to do is sit alone in my room with a glass of gin and the first 32 seasons of Gossip Girl. That’s a party.”


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