Sailor Moon: The Sailor Guardians Have More Power Than The Magna. Check Out All The Details About It Now.

Anime has been one of the most-watched shows this year. Talking about one of the strongest anime team, The Sailor Guardian of Sailor moon has been absurdly the most powerful team in the anime history. However, if we compare their power with the manga teams, they are nothing. Fans have loved the unique concept of the Sailor Guardian of the Sailor Moon, where the characters have magical powers that can for once even beat any other manga. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The 4 Fours Of Transformations.


In the 90s anime, we saw that the first kind of transformation where the characters get power is Usagi. In Usagi, there are 3 core transformation, Sailor Moon Form, Super Sailor Moon Form and Eternal Sailor Moon Form. All the 3 transformations are trigger by external magical forces. However, the power varies at every stage. And increases as the stage is changed.

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Talking about the powerful anime manga, every sailor guardian has an external force where they have a chance to gain greater power. However, the Senshi can reach to the power but can’t go any further than that. What’s the most exciting thing about it that even fans love the most is. The sailor guardians even have princess forms. Viewers love watching different forms of these charters and the activities they perform at the help of the power. However, these powers are not in the hand of anime original. But Sailor Guardians hits different and no one can deny it.

The Guardian Sailor

The princess forms come in the super sailor form which is stronger than the sailor form and weaker than the external sailor form. And if you think that is all then you are wrong. The sailor’s powers are not limited to their forms only. They are even capable of travel the universe in just fractions of seconds. They can travel from countries to countries to planets to even galaxies.


Every Sailor gains Senshi gains immense raw power throughout their journey of becoming the Eternal Sailor Moon Form. This form of anime is considered to be one of the best and it entertains the audience more than anything at the moment. The Sailor Guardian has gotten extreme love and fame after it’s release on all the streaming platforms. However, the viewers are waiting to see evolution and changes in the current season as well.


Even in the anime, Sailor Moon can blow up a planet with the Silver Crystal by the end of the first season.Β However, she does not do it because she doesn’t want to hurt the people who she loves the most. But when it comes to Manga and Death Phantom, Usagi does everything to destroy the world.


The Guardian Sailor is not all that we have got. There’s so many more anime series including The Seven Deadly Sins. That will entertain and excite you the most. Anime series can take you through the roller coaster ride of emotions. And you are going to love it the most.


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