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Samantha Tavel Files A Lawsuit Against WWE Superstar Matt Riddle

Source: Daily Mail

Female Wrestler Samantha Tavel Files A Lawsuit Over Sexual Assault

Source: Wrestling News

Samantha Tavel filed a $10 million lawsuit against WWE’s Matt Riddle was filed on Thursday. Professional wrestler Candy Cartwright filed it over sexual assaults. They were professionally known as Candy Cartwright alleged incident during a wrestling event in 2018. Tavel has accused Riddle, who was having an affair with her at the time. He was accused of pressuring her to perform a sex act on a bus when they were leaving the event on May 19 of that year, as stated by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday, Tavel claimed: β€˜I never thought he would do anything to hurt me and, in that moment, I was terrified.’

The May 2018 incident was one of a multitude of sexual assaults committed against my client, Candi Cartwright.Β  Her attorney John Chwarzynski says.

The case, filed in the Cook County Circuit Court, alleges that the assaults began in April 2017. After a wrestling event in New York, Riddle allegedly assaulted Cartwright and then reportedly bragged about it.

β€œThe industry is just so toxic, like the masculinity – the toxic masculinity is really horrible and we are fighting for a change,” said Cartwright.

Samantha Says Matt Riddle Threatened Her

Source: TheMix.net

The case goes on to state that, under the threat that she would not be booked for any future shows if she did not, Riddle proceeded to compel Cartwright to perform sexual acts on him.
Speaking out has effectively ended her career, Cartwright says.

β€œOur only hope is that with this lawsuit, there will be change made in professional wrestling, there will be change made in all other industries and hopefully, WWE will enact changes to prevent this from ever happening to anyone again,” said John Chwarzynski Jr. of Hale and Monico.

Cartwright is also demanding $10 million from each of the three other defendants named in the suit. It includes WWE, in addition to Riddle.

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