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Samsung Watch 3 Titanium To Be Available In The USA From October 2!

Samsung Watch 3 Titanium To Be Available In The USA From October 2
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Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium Sale Will Start From September 18ember 18 in Europe

Samsung Watch 3 Titanium To Be Available In The USA From October 2!: Samsung announced two weeks ago that its new product Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium sale will start from September 18 in Europe.

Recently, the company has made some more announcement. It revealed about the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium availability in other markets.

People In The USA Will Probably Have To Wait For A little Longer.

Also, it seems like people in the USA will probably have to wait for a little longer than in Europe and South Korea.

Despite the model’s release on September 18 in most places it still won’t be available before October 2 in stateside. Its a limited edition watch. The Mystic black watch look is attractive, and it has managed to create interest among customers. After its release, it can get purchased through Well, also from major retailers.

Samsung mentioned that would consist of a 45mm dial, i.e., a 1.2-inch display. Its price is $599. However, the company hasn’t been transparent if Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium will have LTE connectivity or if it’s limited to WI-Fi only. However, that will be known soon.

Titanium Model Vs Standard Model

Galaxy Titanium is virtually identical to the standard 45mm model. It just differs in a stainless steel strap. Also, its weight is considerably higher (53.8gm) from the standard model. (43gm).

In specifications, it is similar to Exynos 9110-powered smartwatch. Its features include Β 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, Tizen OS 5.5 out of the box, MIL-STD-810G / IP68 ratings, and VO2 max/SpO2 monitoring.

So, the titanium and the standard model are the same except their materials choice. To get a better view, you can check out the reviews and specifications of it.

However, it’s up to the customers whether they would consider buying the titanium model for its chassis and metal strap.

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