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Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable App Assures The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 And Galaxy Buds !

Samsung Watch
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Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable App

Galaxy Watch 3: Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app is an application exclusive to Samsung users. The app is used to connect the wireless devices of Samsung to the smartphone. You can connect the wireless devices simply through Bluetooth. This is done to manage all your Samsung wireless devices through your Samsung smartphone. However, the device needs to be within the radius to remain connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The app is mainly for devices like Galaxy Watch,  Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 Pro, and Gear IconX. However, certain wireless devices like Gear VR, Gear 360, etc.

Samsung Buds
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Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable App Hints Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has the best smartwatches under its shelf. It is a worthy competitor to Apple Watch in every way. They have great designs, modern processors for great battery life, run Tizen OS rather than Wear OS, and so on, which makes it one of the best products out there. The latest to come in this series was Galaxy Active 2. Samsung is usually quick to come up with updates for this product, and it is not different this year. The wearable app confirmed that Galaxy Watch 3 is on its way.

Is There A Samsung Galaxy Watch 2?

People following the watch series are a little confused with this news. There is no doubt the next Galaxy Watch is Galaxy Watch 3. However, it is worth noting that Samsung has not released any Galaxy Watch 2. However, this can be just a marketing strategy from Samsung. The last product in this series was Galaxy Active 2. Releasing the next one as Watch 2 can make people think that the product is a model below Galaxy Active 2. This naming might be a way to show that this is a step forward in their watch series.

Galaxy Watch 3
Source: Common Sense Media

Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable App Also Confirms Galaxy Buds

The app also confirmed Galaxy Buds, which is the wireless earbud from Samsung. As per the rumors, the buds will have active noise cancellation and amazing sound quality. The release of both the products is expected to take place before 5 August 2020.

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