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Samsung’s New Wireless Earbuds Could Put Airpod’s Pro On Notice!

Image showing new Samsung Earbuds

Samsung’s New Wireless Earbuds

As we all know, there has been a tremendous change in the mobile industry. Many companies are introducing different types of accessories now and then. Wireless Headphones is one among them. It becomes people’s favourite. Also, it gained so much of popularity across the world. So, Samsung decides to enter the world of wireless buds. Already the company launched the first look of Samsung Galaxy Buds plus in February.

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Now, this Samsung Galaxy Buds plus, which is a new project of wireless earbuds for the company. Within a week of the release of look, these wireless AirPods became so much popular in the people. This Buds X is work focused on pods, which helps the user in many ways. These pods are equipped with software to help in providing a fitness guide. Also, these help calculate activity level, distance, speed, calories burned, and many more.

Wireless Earbuds Features

These buds are with excellent quality and design. Almost we can say these are best buds in recent times. Samsung Galaxy Buds X is said to be easily wearable and affordable for other than iPhone users. Samsung galaxy users are waiting for these headphones for their release. Earlier, the Samsung bean buds look was on the Internet, which is not official.

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As per sources, the kidney-bean shaped buds can give fitness-tracking features. These include heart rate, time, speed, distance, and many more. Also, these look similar to Samsung’s Gear IconX, which can into existence a year back.

Airpods Vs Samsung’s Earbuds

Also, Apple Airpods are ruling the world with their headphones for iPhone users. These Samsung earbuds will be having tough competition from it. However, people look into feature to feature to buy any accessory. As per sources, these Samsung earbuds are with more additional features than the Apple AirPods pro. Because they are not supporting the active noise cancellation for the users.

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So, we can expect for the upcoming earbuds of Samsung in 2020. Also, everyone cannot buy apple products and to use them. Many android users want to have these wireless headphones. So, Samsung is making a way for all those people. Also, there will be an increase in the size of the buds battery.

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