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San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Is Not Going To Be Held Due To COVID -19!

San Diego Comic-Con 2020

Source of entertainment grows scarce every day. Why? Since the outbreak of disease, a lot of shows and productions are coming to a halt. Even the release of specific things has been either cancelled or delayed. Let’s look at one such event, San Diego Comic-Con 2020, which will not be taking place due to the same reason.

San Diego Comic-Con 2020

A group of San Diegans founded the SDCC and ever since then, and it has continued to be successful every year. It is an event which takes place over four days, mostly during summer. Currently, it happens all over California and San Diego.

People from all over the country travel here to interact with their fellow comic enthusiasts. All kind of comic- be it anime, manga, videogame characters, etc. are welcomed here. Seminars, workshops and extended discussion are held on famous cartoons. It attracted more than a million people each year.

San Diego Comic-Con 2020
People in the previous year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2020: The Cancellation Of The Event

Earlier, the official page of SDCC informed us that the event is not taking place in 2020. Instead, it will shift to the next year 2021 around the same time. Understandably, a lot of people were relying on this and preparing for the event. Especially the workshops and exhibitors.

California’s government has been backing up this decision. It would not be safe to go out in the break of a virus. Along with this, a renovation is also on the way of the Federal Building in Balboa Park. The Anaheim Womdercon in April is also pushed back till 2021.

San Diego Comic-Con 2020
San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is off due to the corona pandemic.

Coronavirus: The Issue

It all began with the cancellation of IPL, Olympics 2020 and now the San Diego Comic Convention. This year marks a dark time. We have been missing event after event. Even the Vatican had cancelled Easter masses in the city for the same reason.

It brought upon a similar fate to the SDCC. However, it might sound unfair, but it was the right decision to make. The safety of people is more important. If we all stay home and stay healthy, we can always have so many other such events in the future years. We must abide by the decision and stay home instead of gathering up in local areas and protesting against the logical choice.

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