San Francisco’s district attorney Chesa Boudin confirmed that his team will be re-filing charges against two former Alameda Country Sheriffs. They were to being arrested for beating pursuit suspect Petrov in San Francisco in 2015. The DA believes that the two sheriffs need to be arrested for the crime. Check out every time you need to know about it.

San Francisco
San Francisco

Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber were arranged for a talk. where it was confirmed that the officer was held for their assault. moreover, the body that I am serious injuries and weapons and checked it in them. It was a serious crime conducted by the sheriff and hence it was important for the DA to file charges. However, when the incident took place the two criminals were announced not guilty.

DA Shares Opinion On Police

On the other hand, during An interview on the day of San Francisco confirmed that she would blame the police of America for high crimes in the neighborhood. He says that it is a thing with the police of America do not realize their responsibility until someone points a finger at them. The DA criticizes the police of San Francisco for an increase in crimes in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, he refiled cases against to sheriff who performed an inappropriate act in 2015. Chesa later confirmed that he is not here to call anyone out but in force and laws in the area. It is important to reduce crimes that happen every day on the streets of San Francisco and the entire country. He says the people of America are here to trust people in uniforms. However, things are not going as expected.


The charges against the crime were first charged in 2016. Where two Sherif were caught for beating a person badly on the streets. However, no big action was taken at the time. And that is the reason why they don’t use San Francisco or re-filed with charges once again recently. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show, celebrity, and US local news.

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