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Sarah Palin’s Recent Twitter Video Left Many Users Confused!

Sarah Palin's Recent Twitter Video Left Many Users Confused!
Source: Newsweek

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, was in the news for a video which even confused Twitter. She sho that video right outside her home. It was a 59 seconds clip and was shared on Monday.

Sarah Palin Pointed To Her House Repeatedly In The Video

At the beginning of the video, Sarah said: “Lisa Murkowski,” who is an Alaskan senator. However, the words “Dear Lisa” looked superimposed.

Sarah Palin then pointed towards her house as she looked into the camera. She repeatedly stressed on different parts of the phrase, “This is my house.” Palin further added, “I’m willing to give it up for the greater good of this country,” she continues. “The great state.”

Also, it seems like many outtakes were put together in the video. It ended abruptly. Sarah said, “You can’t find it within yourself to do the right thing this time, and at least give a fair shake to the Supreme Court nominee that your president will be bringing before you.”

Palin’s Video Baffled Many Twitter Users As They Tried To Comprehend It’s Meaning

But the video didn’t end there. Parah continued as she said that it should at least be considered. She believed that everyone should be able to find the correct path himself. Palin also referred to Americans by saying it wasn’t America’s agenda. She opted for a black-and-white filter.

The video was cut short as she said, “Walk back to what you committed yourself to do.” She asked all the Americans to do what the majority of them wanted.

Though the video didn’t last even a minute, it left many users baffled. For instance, one tweet read, “I don’t understand what any of this means. Is Sarah Palin on drugs?” The tweet continued as the user asked if one should be on the same drugs to understand this.

“How the F*** was she almost the VP of the United States of America?”, tweeted another user. A third user pleaded everyone to make him understand the meaning of the video. Similar reactions were observed from the other users.

In a hilarious tweet, somebody wrote that SNL would have a field day with it on upcoming Saturday night.

The Strange Video Had A Motive Behind It

The video looked odd, but there seemed a motive behind it. The clip was edited from a two and half minutes video in which Palin criticised Murkowski for not standing with Trump’s decision. The decision was regarding him nominating a supreme court justice just a few weeks away from presidential elections.

On September 23, the complete video was posted on Instagram.

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