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SBI Nominee Swaminathan Resigns Yes Bank After The 28, October Effect

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What are happening guys? After the SBI nominee, resigned due to the 28, October effect, the companies shares fell 3% more. Β The trading has been low for the fifth straight season. Yes, Bank recently shared the details about to its claim and fans are devastated to see the extreme downfall for the fifth season again. On 28 October we saw the fifth time severe downfall in shares this year, due to which the SBI nominee Swaminathan Janakiraman resigned. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Resignation Caused 3% Loss.

On 28 October, Yea bank released some official trading-related data. Earlier YES Bank gave the numbers which showed that the price hit intraday by approximately Rs 12.60. It showed how the company had once again incurred the loss in shares for the fifth time this year. And that seemed to disappoint Swaminathan a lot, and well after that, Β he decided to resign his post. Yes, Β Bank claimed that they are struggling with the worst after their company is in curing loss since five straight seasons.


Talking about the percentage downfall since the start of the year, the numbers are insane. The company has somehow incurred more than 79% of loss in its share since the beginning of the year. Big it got worst when the SBI nominee resigned. After his resignations, the percentage fell by more 3%. Β The company has incurred extreme losses along with the investors and company members. The banks trading is lower than five crores right now. Which is worth the company has ever incurred.

The Message

Janakiraman, in his resignation letter, addressed to Yes Bank MD&CEO Prashant Kumar said, that he wished to share his resignation with the board of directors of the Yes Bank. However, he wanted to resign the post in short notice after the 28th October effect. But he wishes that the board of directors considers his resignation and his decision is respected.

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In today’s session, the company talked about more figures. The market capitalisation of the lender stood at Rs 31,043 crores were announced today. The last two months have been the worst for the company as it faced back to back losses. And the investors are very disappointed by it.


However, the shares of private lenders were falling since yesterday. After which, Swaminathan Janakiraman, the nominee director appointed by State Bank of India, has resigned with effect from October 28, 2020. According to him, the country may insure a few more losses considering the current scenario. But it will be a big problem for the company. And hence the officials are trying to find the best solutions for us.


Earlier this week, we saw a variety of changes in the investor’s graph. Firstly an increase in profit was a show, but by the end of the week, things got even worse. But guess who might suffer the most because of it. It the Ambani. Anil Ambani is the biggest investor in the Yes Bank. Not like they would care a lot about the money. However, currently, he is incurring the most loss. And the company is just trying to win the company some profits; however, it is failing for now.


On average, the company grows 3.4% a year; however, since the pandemic this year, the company has incurred a 9.5% loss in its interest income. However, fans and the investors are hoping for it to win profit by the next session. Until then, let us know what do you think about it?


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