Scarlet Johnson And Florence Pugh To Star In ’Black Widow’. Check Out Release Date, Plot, Storyline And More.

Scarlet Johnson and Florence Pugh will be starting together in the new superhero blockbuster ‘Black Widow’. Fans are more excited than ever to see the two iconic stars together. However, the sad news here is the fact that Disney has confirmed that Black Widow will not be released this year and will be delayed to mid of the next year. Viewers aren’t really happy with this news. Check out every day you need to know about it.


Scarlet Johnson recently made a tweet that she is excited for the release of Black Widow. She has also mentioned and addressed that the movie won’t be relaxing this year but next year in May. After her tweet went viral many fellow celebs and fans responded to it. With thousands and thousands of fans still being in shock. Viewers aren’t really happy with the decision since they were waiting for long enough. But this is what it is.

About Black Widow

Black Widow is an upcoming superhero movie which is based on the Marvel characters with the same name. The two famous Marvel charters are staring in the movie. Fans can’t resist watching Scarlet Johnson and Florence Pugh in Black Widow.

The makers of the movie claimed that ‘Black Widow’ was scheduled to be released this year itself. However, due to the Covid pandemic, things hit hard. And many production teams failed to release the movie on time. One is the Black Widow. The shoot was ongoing until government prevailed lockdown in several countries and the shoot had to pause for a while. However, Scarlet on her social media has confirmed that the work related to the movie had resumed for now.

The Release Date

However, the movie will be released in May 2020. Even though it is bad news, fans are still excited to see their favourite female DC star Scarlet Johnson for this upcoming movie. Many of her fans have even shown her support all this while on the internet.

Picture via Disney

This is not all, what makes this movie more exciting than many others is that it will be cast not just Starlet Johnson but also Florence Pugh. The two superstars were recently seen on the cover of Marie Clarie Winter 2020 issue. It was after the makers announced about the release of this amazing movie. The promotions were doing pretty well. And can’t love the bonding between the two. And there’s no doubt in the fact that the iconic stars are the ones making this movie such a big deal for everyone. That is one big reason why fans can’t wait to see this movie hit the screen soon.


Recently Johnson was caught in a talk with a publisher where is answered questions related to her new movie. She mentions that everyone is eager to get the movie out. Johnson further adds that she wants viewers to watch this movie but the experience should be safe for them. And hence they need to delay the movie for now. Especially when the COVID-19 scenario is at its park in most of the countries.


However, the fellow star Pugh mentioned that she was not at all surprised with this and she expected this only for the peoples safety. And hence the delay is a must thing. However, the trailer of the movie is realised and it had got immense love and fame from people all-round the world and that is proof of how badly people want this movie to be released.


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