Scientists Discovered New Dangerous COVID-19 Symptom You Would Be Scared Of! Check it out now.

Scientists Discovered New Dangerous COVID-19 Symptom You Would Be Scared Of!

The world has already paused for the worst due to the covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people are affected by the virus, and lakhs of them have already died. However, people are hoping for a cure or vaccine to come soon. But what scientists have found will scar you more than anything. Check out everything you need to know.

New COVID-19 Symptom

Every day new theories, research and conspiracy are learnt to understand the virus better. The recent study has found out that, there are more scary symptoms of covid 19 we never knew about.


Firstly it was found and claimed that the covid 19 is a respiratory disease. But now after certain studies, it is claimed that the virus can affect every body part of the body part equally from head to toe.

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It is discovered that the covid 19 is so contagious that it can eat up and destroy not just you’re respiratory organs but your entire body. From head to toe, every part of a person body can be affected by the covid 19.


However, what is the most damage thing about the virus is the fact that even after getting cured without the vaccine, the virus can stay in the body for several years and attack again and again. Until the vaccine is made protecting yourself from the virus is the only option.


Months into the outbreak, researchers and doctors are still grasping for effective treatments for COVID-19. Many vaccines are in its a human trial stage, and the doctors claim that in the vaccine, they take care of all the factors that can trouble a person. What do you think about it?

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