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Scott Disick Left A Comment On Ex Sofia Richie Instagram Post Again

Scott Disick Left A Comment On Ex Sofia Richie Instagram Post Again
Source: Insider

Scott Disick Left A Comment On Ex Sofia Richie Instagram Post Again: Scott Disick, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians again posted a message on his ex Sofia Richie Instagram. The duo broke up in earlier in May this year. However, they are still on talking terms.

Sofia And Disick Relationship Began In 2017

Sofia and Disick began dating in 2017 after Scott’s relationship with Kourtney Kardashian ended. Many felt that that relationship was just a fling because they have a 15 year age gap. However, the fans proved wrong later. The duo made their relationship official in 2017.

This news even came as a shock to some people. Paparazzi often captured them after that. Soon, they ended up going on fancy vacations and starting spending more and more time with each other.

The Ex Couple Broke Up Earlier In May This Year

They dated for three long years, but the relationship came to a halt in May 2020. Sofia posted a picture on her Instagram as she celebrated the Jewish New Year. Scott liked her picture and also left a comment reading “Shanah Tovah umetukah,” which means have an excellent new year.

According to sources, they had a severe breakup, and everything was over between them. Still, Scott keeps commenting on her pictures. Believably, their lifestyle was a significant issue for the ex-couple.

The Couple’s Mutual Friends Think That They Might Patch Up In Future

Who knows it might have broken their relationship? Sofia Richie is young and still trying to figure things out while Scott Disick is quite settled with his four children and numerous business.

However, people close to the ex-couple revealed that they ended up on good terms. The reason was that Sofia felt that Disick needed some space to focus on himself more. Their mutual friends also hoped that they might patch up in future.

Scott has some commitment issues as portrayed in KUPWTK. He also suffered from substance abuse in the past. People can’t get over speculating what Scott wants. Some think that he is trying to win Sofia back while others see them as friends only.

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