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Seal Accuses Ex-Wife Heidi Klum Of Not Allowing Him To Meet The Kids !

Heidi and Seal
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Seal Complains Heidi Klum Tries To Prevent Him From Meeting Kids

Seal Accuses Ex-Wife Heidi Klum: Heidi Klum approached the court recently to take her kids to Germany after her ex-husband Seal objected to it. However, now he has submitted his reply to court where he alleged that this may be her attempt to keep the kids away from him. He further said that Heidi always makes excuses when he tries to meet and spend time with his four kids. He said in his legal statement, β€œUnfortunately, when I ask Heidi for more time to see the children, Heidi often makes it unnecessarily difficult by alleging that she and the children are β€˜busy’ on particular days, that the children are ill, or that they simply cannot see me.”

Seal Tries HisΒ  Best To Spend Time With His Kids

Heidi made a statement in her court document that Seal anyway hardly visits his children and shouldn’t bother much about his kids going to Germany. As a reply, Seal countered that he tries his level best to go out of his way to spend time but Heidi is the one who ruins his plan. He said, β€œI have always shared a close bond with our children. I try to spend as much time as possible when I am not working (including touring prior to the pandemic). Although I do not have a regular custodial schedule with the children, I have made it a point to be as involved in the children’s lives as I can.”

Seal Feels Heidi Klum May Never Return With Her Kids From Germany

Heidi Klum is of German origin and has a German passport as well. This may further reduce his time with his kids and may affect his relationship with them. He said, β€œ’Heidi is a celebrity and a German national and I am concerned that if she is allowed to take the children to Germany, she may unilaterally decide not to return them to the United States.”

Heidi and Seal
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Seal Fears About The Safety Of His Kids

With the coronavirus setting in, all health experts are asking people to avoid traveling as long as they can wait. Seal also fears that Heidi is putting their kids in danger by unnecessarily taking them to Germany.


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