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Season 4’s Endless Controversies About Royal Family-‘The Crown’.

Season 4's Endless Controversies
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The two royal photographers bring ‘The Crown’ Season 4’s endless controversies, to know more read below…

Season 4’s Endless Controversies-‘The Crown’:

The Crown‘ is an American historical drama that totally revolves around Queen Elizabeth II, which is created by Peter Morgan. It is an original Netflix series. Season 4 of the show streamed on the 15th November 2020. Resulted in a big hit for the creators of the show but not everyone is happy with it.

This series has a total of five seasons and no doubt all of them are a big hit. But at the same point, it became a big part of controversies. Like as you must have seen that season 4 is all about Thatcher, the royal wedding of Diana and Charles. And of course about revealing the shocking secret of the royal family.

Two royal photographers argued on the concept and portrayal of the royal families in season 4 of ‘The Crown’.

Season 4's Endless Controversies
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Penny Junor commented:

After season 4, a royal photographer, Penny Junor has stood against the concept and creation of ‘The Crown’ season 4. She stated that,

β€œEvery dramatist needs victims and villains and I feel that what Peter Morgan has done here is portray Diana as the victim and just about every member of the royal family as villains.”

According to her, the makers of the show portrayed the royal family as the villains of the story. She even said that the show creators added some events on their own just to spice up the things which are totally wrong.

Actually, she has written numerous novels and books on the royal families, she deeply studied the nature of the royal family members. So, to her, looking at the show story going in a negative is such a disappointment. She expressed her by saying,

β€œI’ve been studying them closely and followed them closely, and these are not the people that I’ve been writing about.”

Anna Pasternak commented:

On the contrary another royal photographer, Anna Pasternak clearly denied whatever Junor stated. And involved herself in an argument by saying that there were more things to be open about in the show. And stated,

β€œI feel that the real villain of the series is the monarchy itself.” 

β€œHaving watched the entire series, I ended up feeling rather sorry for Charles because I think he was forced into a marriage which he was not happy about and didn’t want to go into.”

Anna also said that according to her, there is nothing to change in the role of Diana, whatever has been shown about Diana is true. Everything is totally accurate and Diana is a victim. Whereas sometimes she unintentionally portrays herself as a victim when she is not because she is habitual to it. But she is soft and innocent.

'The Crown'
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“She was innocent, she went into a marriage thinking that she would claim that heart of her prince, and that was impossible.

β€œAnd she was incredibly lonely and she did feel wounded and betrayed, which led to a lot of her more destructive behavior later on.”

Season 4’s Endless Controversies: Anna Pasternak defended…

Anna defended Camilla’s role by stating that,

β€œThe person that I feel most sorry for in the whole dynamic is Camilla. Because she is portrayed incredibly badly,”

she continued before describing her as an β€œexemplary royal”.

β€œIt’s very hard to turn down an obsessive, demanding Prince of Wales.”

As you can see, a war is going on between two royal photographers and it is hard to tell who is right. As they both have studies the royal families very closely. For more updates, stay tuned!

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