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Season 5 Gives Covid-19, A Taste Of Its Own Medicine: “This Is Us”.

This is Us
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“This is Us” season 5 gives Covid-19 pandemic, a dramatic mode. Let’s discuss…

“This is Us”: What mode Season 5 gives to Covid-19?

“This is Us” is an American show which is popular Romantic drama series. It is a Romantic family drama created byΒ Dan Fogelman. The country origin from the series United States (US). Season 5 has officially started on October 27, 2020, globally. The first three episodes have already streamed and reviewed by so many people.

“This is Us” season 5: Covid-19 special…

The series revolves around a family of two parents and their three children, about their way of living and all the family tragedies, framing different times. This series focuses more on reality than any other thing, by which creators try their best to connect with people in every possible way. That’s the biggest reason behind the success of this season which is totally appreciable.


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Season 5 gives Covid-19, a dramatic mode…

“This is Us” is not letting Covid-19 to come in its way, so the creators decided to give Covid a taste of its medicine with a Covid drama. Finally, the creators of the show finally confirmed that the upcoming season is based on the current situation, on the Covid-19 pandemic from which the whole world is suffering.Β  On Twitter, the creator of the show replied to one of the fans, he tweeted:

“Yes on Covid, We’ve decided to attack things head-on. Very proud of @ThisIsUsWriters.”Β 

And when the makers were asked about what topics they are going to include in the upcoming season, they said:

Β β€œNo. 1, there are thoughts that were percolating in the writers’ room with regards to how and if to address the pandemic, right? And then over the past month/five weeks, since (the tragic deaths of) Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and then George Floyd …, there’s now like, β€˜How do we address this, too?’”

So, as of now, it is confirmed in the upcoming season, we are definitely going to see the real-life issues faced by people in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This season is going to be so relatable to almost every single person.

Confirmations: Timings, Release date, Ending story…

The makers of the season have also confirmed the timings of the show, the timings are going to be regular as before that is, every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET, with an exact two-hour episode which gives such a relief to all the fans.

Season 5
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The makers also cleared that the way or route of the ending of the season and the story is going to be the same, there will be no change in a story on that part. So, it is going to be so much fun to watch the Covid-19 drama with a usual ending as there gonna be a lot of drama in this season.


As for now, the production work on season 5 has already begun, from September 24th. 3 episodes of season 5 have already premiered and the upcoming episode is going to stream on 17th November 2020. All three episodes titled Forty(1-2) and Changes(3), and episode 4 of season 5 has been titled ‘Honestly’. This season is definitely going to hit, as this season is totally different and dramatic as compared to the other seasons of the series.

For more updates, stay tuned!

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