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Second Stimulus Check And SSDI: Know Everything Here!

Second Stimulus Check And SSDI: Know Everything Here
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Second Stimulus Check And SSDI: Know Everything Here!: Good news for federal benefit receivers. It’s a possibility that they might qualify for a double stimulus check if the bill got passed.

Who Will Qualify For Second Stimulus Check?

It is still not clear who will qualify for the second stimulus check and who will not. However, proposal bills suggest that qualifications will be more or less similar to the CARES Act. In simple words, it means those who are involved in SSDI will qualify for the 2nd check.

How Be The Second Stimulus Payment Will Initiated?

SSDI holders did not get their payments through Direct Express card. Instead, they received payment trough a non Direct Express Card or by paper checks if you haven’t got your bank account details on file with the IRS.

So, if the second stimulus check got passed its payment might come in same was but much faster as the payment system set up is already fixed by the IRS.

What To Do If You Still Haven’t Received Your First Round Stimulus Check?

CARES Act stated that qualified citizens with dependents of 16 years or even younger would be eligible for up to $500 per dependent. However, not everyone got the promised amount. So, IRS has decided to restart the registration for people who have SSDI benefits.

Those who did not get $500 per child can also register themselves. By September 30, you should have filled your information in the IRS nonfilers tool. You can only use nonfilers tool if you did not file for tax return in 2018 or 2019.

Also, it must not have gotten used earlier to get information about your child’s qualifications. If anyhow you miss the September 30 deadline you will have to claim the payment as a credit on your 2020 federal income tax return.

Learn To Use Nonfilers Tool To Get Stimulus Check

Firstly you need to create an account with your phone number, user id and password. From there you will be directed to a page where you need to fill your personal information and filing status. There is also a checkbox if there is someone who can claim you or your partner as a dependent.

If you have no bank accounts, then IRS will initiate the payment through the mail. After filling all the requirements, you will get a message from Β Customer Service at Free File Fillable Forms.

What If You Have SSDI Benefits But Live Outside The US?

If you have SSDI benefits but is living outside the US, then IRS will send your stimulus payment through the mail. It is because the IRS does not send money in foreign bank accounts.

It got decided that the IRS will send checks by the end of July. If you live in foreign and get paid through a US bank, you should have got the money directly in your account by July. You can always use Bet My payment tool to track the status of your payment.

So, get to know if you will qualify for the second stimulus check and when you can expect it. Also, if you haven’t received your first payment, you need to track your payment status.

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