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Second Stimulus Check On The Way Before The US Election 2020 ! Here’s How !

Stimulus Check
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Status Of Second Stimulus Check

The US economy is pushing into a depression that is worse than the 2009 depression. Moreover, with the coronavirus pandemic not slowing down, the revival of the economy keeps getting worse. The Trump administration tried for a second stimulus check after the first one. However, the members of Congress did not approve of his idea. Even after several talks and negotiations, the Republicans and Democrats failed to reach a middle ground in this regard. As of now, a second stimulus check remains like a faint dream.

A Second Stimulus Check On The Way

With the elections coming in November 2020, everyone is focussed on it. So the chances for a second stimulus check fade even further. However, the pandemic is such that you cannot ignore it no matter what. So people of the US can still hope for one before the election. In separate instances, both Democrats and Republicans have shown their willingness towards a second stimulus check. However, they failed to make a decision together. If the second stimulus check finds it’s way, then you can expect it to reach your homes faster.

How A Second Stimulus Check Will Enter Your Bank Before Elections

There is a vague idea for the second stimulus check but it comes with an idealistic setup. It will work only if everyone agrees to the bill. If the bill is presented either on September 8, 10, or 14 in the Senate, then there are chances that it will be passed in the House by September 9, 11, or 15. If this goes as per the plan, then you can expect the first round of check to circulate by the week of September 21, 28, or 28.

Stimulus Check
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Coronavirus Pandemic In The US

The second stimulus check looks like a need in the short run as all the short term businesses are falling down to coronavirus. A second stimulus would give these businesses as well as households the much-needed push that was missing in times of coronavirus.


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