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Second Stimulus Check Updates: GOP Leaders Meet Amid COVID Crises Stimulus Latest Update

GOP Meeting with Trump
Source: Detroit News

Second Stimulus Check Updates: GOP Leaders Meet Amid COVID Crises:Β As we all know, the CARES Act is about to expire on 25th July. Nonetheless, the officials are coming up with the second stimulus check soon.

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However, the GOP leaders met with President Trump to discuss the new Stimulus Check amid the COVID surge in the USA.

Let us get into the details of this meeting.

The Big Flare

On Monday, President Trump acknowledged the big flare in COVID cases, whereas the divisions between White House and Senate Republicans, and the differences with the Democrats face new challenges with the new federal aid package with the US crises worsening.

Previously, Trump flared convened the GOP leaders and Senate Mitch McConnell, to prepare out a $1 trillion package. But, the administration criticized the legislation money for more virus testing and insisted on a payroll tax cut that could complicate quick passage.

Second Stimulus Check

After the meeting, President Trump said:

“We have made a lot of progress. Unfortunately, that’s very tough.”

LawmakersΒ returned to a Capitol still off-limits to tourists. Moreover, rather than easying the pandemic, it’s growing excessively. Due to this, the businesses are getting shut, and schools won’t reopen anytime now.

Additionally, without a successful federal strategy, lawmakers are trying to draft one. Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker said:

“We have to end this virus.”

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Virus Would Disappear

Unfortunately, the political stakes are high for both parties for the November election, as the country has registered more COVID infections and death rate at a higher count of 140,800 than any other country.

Mitch McConnell

However, President Trump said that the virus would disappear but, this time, nobody appreciated him speaking as the cases are not stopping. The President’s view did not match projections from the leading health professionals straining to halt the alarming US caseload and death toll.

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About The Second Check

During Monday’s meeting, President Trump put economist Art Laffer on speakerphone to discuss a health care provision backed by Newt Gingrich and key conservatives in the congress.

The proposed virus aid package would be fifth, following the $2.2 trillion bills passed in March. While many economists believed that the virus would ease the economy, it got clear more aid is needed as the first round of relief runs out.

That being said, we expect the second bill to have a higher budget than $2.2 trillion.

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