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Seems Like We Have To Stay At Home For Only A Short While, As Russia Confirms News Of COVID-19 Vaccine Production

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It Seems Like We Have To Stay At Home For Only A Short While, As Russia Confirms News Of COVID-19 Vaccine Production: The entire world is fighting the pandemic and trying to keep safe. All the researches and doctors are trying their level best to find a vaccine for this deadly virus.

The vaccine’s Coming!

One week after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia registered the world’s first vaccine to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the Russian Health Ministry told us that they’re soon going to start producing the vaccine. Now, the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund created the vaccine “Sputnik.” Presently, this Sputnik termed as the “safest” vaccine under trial.

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There are many concerns raised in different countries over this vaccine’s effectiveness, as produced in a brief period. To all these queries, the CEO of RDIF, Kirill Dmitriev, confirmed that his parents got tested with this vaccine, and fortunately have shown no side effects.
Soon, Russia will collaborate with all other countries, supplying them with this “Sputnik” vaccine.

Russia had already developed its MERS vaccine, which gave a kick start for developing the COVID-19 vaccine, as both of them are about 80% similar in nature.

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Still, tests and trials are going on for this vaccine. Every volunteer who took the vaccine developed immunity within 21 days. Although people are scared, Russia confirmed none of the volunteers caught COVID-19 after being administered the vaccine.

The vaccine creates the immune cells’ ability to activate in response to the spike S protein of the coronavirus. It indicates the formation of antibody and cellular immune vaccine response.

If all goes well, soon, the vaccine distribution will start, and the pandemic will end.

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