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Selena Gomez Dating A Mystery Man? Got Caught On Camera Calling Him A “Cute Boy”

Gomez's cute boy
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Selena Gomez Dating A Mystery Man? Got Caught On Camera Calling Him A “Cute Boy”: In this Lockdown period, the singer Selena Gomez has come up with a reality cooking show. The name of the show is Selena + Chef.

However, the show started in 2020, and it is the first-ever season of it. What’s questioning is Selena Gomez was blushing when she received a call from a boy. Her fans are thrilled and curious to know who the boy is and what’s his name. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the mystery boy and Selena Gomez’s connection.

Who is Selena’s Cute Boy?

Natural Selena Gomez
Source: Allure

Selena along with chef Roy Choi and was trying to learn cooking Korean BBQ Texas breakfast tacos. However, both of them were at the middle of cooking their breakfast tacos while Selena received a face-timing form a ‘mystery Boy.”

Instantly she looked at her phone and texted the guy that she will talk to him later and placed the phone from where she had picked. As a result, Selena had no idea what was going around her and looked amazed. When Chef Roy Choi asked her who was on the call, she started blushing and called the guy as “Cute boy”.

Gomez continuously blushed and smiled and then got engaged with her cooking. Roy Choi even tried to know the name of Selena’s Cute Boy, but she denied to say by making him quiet. However, she again got distracted and said: “what was I doing?” Looking at Selena’s Silly Behaviour, her grandmother burst into laughter with Chef Roy Choi. Moreover, she called Selena as Distracted Kid.” Thus, no one knows who the MYSTERY BOY is and what’s his name.

Selena’s Cooking Show Selena + Chef

Who is Selena's Cute Boy?
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Billboard award winner came up with the idea of a cooking show in 2020. As she wanted to explore and learn new things, she decided to start a Cooking show which will entertain people and help her learn more cooking skills. The show got Telecasted on HBO max. However, the first episode of the show got broadcasted on 13th august, 2020. No doubt, the show is hit and received an IMDb rating of 8/10.


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Selena Gomez To Date Her Cute Boy?

Gomez shares Views On Anxiety & Depression
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Selena had past relationships which didn’t work out for her. Hence she does not expects anything from anyone as in connection. Selena in an interview with makeup artist Nikkie De Jager stated that she is not looking out for a boyfriend. However, no one knows when Selena can change her mind and be with someone soon.

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