Selena Gomez Says To Her Young Self ‘You Are Not Cool Beo’ And Laughs!

Selena Gomez is looking and going through her old memories and having quite a laugh. Selena Gomez cannot have enough of her childhood memories and cringes over some of the video clips. As for his fans, they know that Selena Gomez was a Disney superstar back then. Video clips from her past go viral now and then and everything fans were expecting from her boss to react to some of it. And luckily she did recently in a tik-tok video. Check out everything you need to know about it.

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A clip from her childhood acting as Alex Russo in the Disney Channel show,  Wizards of Waverley Place was seen circulating all over different social media platforms. It was a video of Selena Gomez acting in the following series. Soon after fans started showering several comments on the post. with most of them expecting Selena to react to her cute childhood memories.

Selena And Her Memories

And the best thing about it is that fans’ wishes got true. Selena Gomez recently in a video reacted to her childhood memories. And let us tell you guys that she laughed. She looked extremely excited and happy while reacting to her childhood memories. fans were more than happy to see her react to the memories. The video clip of Selena reacting has gone viral all over different social media platforms.


In the video where she is reacting to her young self, we can see her saying that you were not cool bro. she makes fun of herself in those video clips. A bunch of other photos and videos from childhood went viral as well. Celina had a good laugh after remembering all the memories. The cute childhood videos have made fans go crazy as well. They can just not stop adoring how cute Selena Gomez looks. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.

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