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Selena Gomez Shares Her Ultimate Dream To The Public!

Selena Gomez's Ultimate Dream
Source: Revelist

Selena Gomez Shares Her Ultimate Dream To The Public!: Every person is born with a motto is what we have been learning through society and our caretakers. In the same way, people set the goals they want to achieve and do things accordingly. It is said that good for society is good for us and our very won adorable singer follows the same path. Selena Gomez is not just a singer but a real-life Wonderwoman. She, as an individual has come across a lot in her life. From Kidney transplant to what now the lady has suffered it all; Gomez has a Motto of life, and she wants to serve as many people possible in need. However, let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about Gomez’s Life Mantra.

Selena Gomez’s Ultimate Dream

Selena Gomez's Ultimate Dream
source: CNN.com

Gomez, in a recent interview With Rolling Stone India, shared Her Life Motto. The person Dreams to help every person in need and be a source of life in one’s life. She stated My ultimate dream is that I can protect people’s lives by something, whether it’s a song, music, or if it’s me just addressing about the struggles and the trials and distress that I had gone through. That would be my aim. I’d instead be recognised as someone who has served that I could be a voice for others who maybe don’t know what’s going on or what they’re feeling.

Selena On Working With Black Pink

Selena On Working With Black Pink
source: BBC

The Hollywood singer and the Kpop Korean band BLACKPINK collaborated for a music Video Called ICECREAM. However, the music album is out and was trending on No.2 After BTS Band’s Song DYNAMITE. She says that she learned a lot from them and the never-ending loving they gave me was unimaginable. Furthermore, Gomez calls BLACKPINK as the best Band she has ever worked with till date. Moreover, she would love to do more project with them ahead in the future.

Selena’s Quarantine Life

Selena's Quarantine Life
source: The Sun

The actress-singer combo has worked on many things during quarantine days. Selena calls it as a most memorable day where Gomez learned a variety of skills. Staring off, Gomez knew more about her home country and did some art. At the same time, she gained mind peace through Yoga and Exercise. The most amazing Productive thing Wolves Singer did is by starting a cooking show. She named the show as Selena + Chef. However, the first season of it has been an enormous hit, and the second season is in the making.

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