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Selling Sunset Season 2: Christine Replaced Mary With Davina Check Out Reason

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset Season 2: Christine Replaced Mary With Davina Check Out ReasonAfter a long wait, fans can finally enjoy the second season of ‘Selling Sunset.’ After the dramatic spillage end of season 1, season 2 gives us a satisfying storyline. One of the most polarizing characters is Davina Potratz from season 1 of Selling Sunset.

The character successfully proved to be a dramatic addition to the Oppenheim office. At last, she divided the whole office by her behavior. Here is all you have to know about the interesting character.

The Character Davina Potratz

Selling Sunset

Davina Potratz was one of the new agents added in Oppenheim office along with a Chrishell, another new agent. Davina hasn’t shared a lot of screen time previously in season 1. But she has little more experience in the Oppenheim group office. Unlike other characters, Davina doesn’t have any aid of medical assistance. For this, Christine claimed Davina as the only real person in the office for having no plastic surgery.

Davina Bonds With Christine

Davina was a straightforward demeanor in the office. She did not have a good relationship with others there. But eventually, Christine and Davina share a good bond in season one. Christine appreciates Davina because “she calls it how she sees it.”

Earlier in the season, Davina and Chrishell went to condo development for real estate listing. There they had a conversation about another office member, Mary’s engagement with Romain. Mary is a 38-year-old mother, and the fiance Romain Bonnet is a 25-year-old French model. He gave her a ring which is moissanite but not a diamond. Davina asked if Mary is fine with the ring, not being a diamond. The questions lead to some rude behavior from the office members.

Selling Sunset

Later, while discussing further, Chrishell asked if there is a chance that Mary is supporting her fiance financially. Then Davina answered that she is sure about it. And the two continue gossiping about the unorthodox relationship between Mary and Romain.

Later, Davina confronts to Maya that Chrishell was ill-talking about Mary. And throwing Chrishell under the bus stimulated the drama. Later, Chrishell calls Davina a self-serving person. The whole office forced to chose one of the girl’s sides, which leads to the division of the whole office. Watch out who chose which side, the Selling Sunset is available on Netflix now.

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