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Senator Elizabeth Warren And Her Dog Bailey Join George Floyd Protest

Warren With Husband Bruce and Dog Bailey Source: Twitter

Senator Elizabeth Warren And Her Dog Bailey: Its been a series of difficult and angry nights across several cities in the US.Β  Cars overturned, arson, wanton destruction, and clashes with the police are ongoing across the entire USA. All these come in the wake of the death of George Floyd last Monday (25/05/2020). GeorgeΒ Floyd, an African-American man, died in Powderhorn, a neighborhood south of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Source: CNN

The cell phone video of Floyd’s ruthless detention has shocked the nation. Floyd succumbed to asphyxia afterΒ Office Derek ChauvinΒ held him down with a knee on his neck. The officer continued to apply pressure for 8 minutes and 46 minutes, following which Floyd lost consciousness. However, Floyd died on the spot from asphyxia.

His death has sparked outrage across every black community in the US. Since his death, protests and riots have doomed the USA. Thousands of Hollywood celebrities have shown their support for Floyd via social media. Although, many of the celebrities have physically taken part in the protests. These include the likes ofΒ Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Cannon, Kendrick Sampson, Halsey, Cole Sprouse,Β and many more.

Elizabeth Warren And Her Dog Bailey Join Protests Outside The White House.

Warren With Husband Bruce and Dog Bailey
Source: Twitter

Just when Hollywood has taken to the street for protesting, it seems like the politicians to are joining in. Senator Elizabeth Warren to has joined the protests outside the White House and She is accompanied by her dog BaileyΒ and her husband,Β Bruce Mann.Β The American politician and lawyer took to the streets on Tuesday (2/6/2020) to join the protesters. Protestors have been voicing their outrage against the law enforcement’s decision to spray pepper balls and smoke canisters on crowds demonstrating in Lafayette Square. ‘

The democratic Senator walked through the streets interacting with the protestors with her dog Bailey and husband, Bailey is known to accompany the Senator to various places. He accompanied the Senator to her campaign trial four months ago. It looks like the canine has joined the US senator in protesting against the brutal killing of George Floyd.

Source: Quartz

Warren briefly paused after a protestor asked her why President TrumpΒ had the military positioned there.

“Because he’s wrong,” said Warren, who was wearing a mask. “He is imposing violence on our people. People are here to protest peacefully.”


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