How to Send and Receive Faxes from Gmail Free in 2020 with 3 simple steps

Gmail is a popular email service from Google. Millions of people use Gmail each day which makes it the perfect platform for online faxing. 

Although Google doesn’t allow faxing directly from Gmail, it’s possible using an online fax service. 

Online fax services allow users to send faxes directly from their Gmail like an email. Some online fax service integrates different Google services like Google Drive and Docs. 

In this article, we show you how to send and receive faxes from Gmail free. 

First, choose an online fax service

Although the best online fax services require a subscription, some offer a free trial period. CocoFax is an online fax service that provides a 30-day free trial period. Millions of users trust Cocofax across the world for their faxing needs. 

CocoFax, according to Google Fax Free, lets you fax from iPhone free besides supports for Gmail. Google Fax Free is a faxing blog that showcases reliable online fax services. Check this blog to get all the online faxing details. 

Send and Receive Faxes from Gmail
Send and Receive Faxes from Gmail

As well, Google Fax Free shows you how to fax from Gmail using CocoFax. The convenience of CocoFax has been featured on Forbes and the New York Times. CocoFax can fax not only from Gmail but also on other platforms. 

For instance, CocoFax allows you to fax from a smartphone app or the CocoFax dashboard. What’s more, CocoFax gives its users a 30-day free trial period. Also, you get a free fax number that lets you send and receive faxes. 

Second, bringing Gmail into the picture

After choosing the online fax service, you are ready to get started. The whole process of using Gmail to send and receive faxes is easy with CocoFax. To begin, you need to sign up for the service using your Gmail address. 

Step 1: Visit the official CocoFax website to sign up for the online fax service using your Gmail address. CocoFax will let you choose a custom fax number free of charge. Also, you will get your 30 days of trial after sign up. 

Choose Your Fax Number
Choose Your Fax Number

Step 2: Log in to your Gmail address. To send a fax, click the ‘Compose’ button to start drafting a new fax. In the pop-up window, provide the fax number of the recipient instead of the email address in the ‘To’ field. 


The fax number should be followed by So, if the fax number of the recipient is 12345 then the fax number should be [email protected] This allows Gmail to redirect the email to CocoFax that converts it into fax before sending it to the recipient. 

To include a cover page, fill in the email body section. Also, you can add a note at the top of the fax by filling in the Subject field. As well, you can attach files to the fax, CocoFax will merge them into one before transmitting the fax. 

Step 3: If you are done crafting and proofreading the fax, click the Send button. After receiving the email, CocoFax will convert it into a fax file and send it to the recipient. All this takes place in an instant. 

You will receive a notification indicating if the sent fax was successful. If there are issues, get in touch with the recipient to know if the fax machine is busy. This is the main reason you may get a failed delivery report from CocoFax. 

Receiving faxes in Gmail: CocoFax makes it easy to receive faxes in your Gmail address. All received faxes are automatically forwarded to your Gmail address in pdf format. 

You will get a notification in your Gmail address for each received fax. So, you won’t miss a thing. 

Cool CocoFax features 

  1. Safe and secure 

CocoFax uses the latest security protocols for safeguarding all your faxes. It encrypts all outgoing faxes to protect them from unauthorized access online. Also, it keeps all your faxes intact in one secure place for you. 

  1. Unlimited storage 

With CocoFax, you get lifetime storage for all your faxes, unlike most online fax services. CocoFax automatically archives all sent and received faxes. This provides a neat way of accessing all your faxes. 

  1. Reliable and fast 

CocoFax provides a fast way of sending and receiving faxes online. Also, with its notification system, you will get notifications for both incoming and outgoing faxes. This way, you won’t miss an important fax. 

CocoFax's Other Features
CocoFax’s Other Features


The ability to fax from Gmail is possible through online fax services since Google doesn’t provide faxing services. These bridge the gap between traditional fax machines and Gmail. 

With CocoFax, you get 30 days of free trial that let you send and receive faxes from Gmail free. 

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