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Seven Deadly Sins: Dargon’s Judgement 5th Season ’Seven Deadly Sins’ Trailer Is Out. Check Out The Release Date, Storyline And More.

Finally, the wait is over, Netflix has released the official trailer of the 5th season of the Dragon’s judgement. The 5th season is named at the ‘seven deadly sins’. The original anime series is going to be released in 2021 and teaser is out. The last season was released months back and fans were waiting for the 5th season ever since then. However, the trailer is up and the series will be released sooner then you expected next year. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The Japanese anime has been entertaining people for years now. With some of the most popular anime being One Piece and Naruto and even the Dragon Judgment. Fans can not wait for the 5th season ‘The seven deadly sins’. The teaser was recently released on Netflix and the viewers loved it a lot. However, the teaser even confirmed that the episode will be premiered in 2021.

The 5th Season

‘The seven deadly sins’ was one of the first anime that was licensed by Netflix. And it was first released back in 2015. And now it is at its famous 5th season. All four seasons have seen loved by people all around the world and hence viewers can’t wait for the next season to be premiered soon. And now that the teaser has been released, we can expect the season 5th’s episodes to be premiered soon in the start of 2021.

Picture via Netflix.

The 5th season was to be released this year itself. However, due to the covid 19 pandemic, things got delayed. For months the shoot and all the work was paused and because of that the5th season didn’t release this year. However, fans and the viewers do not have to wait anymore since the next season will be released soon next year.

The Release

The shows has been on yeas schedule, and every new season was to release a year. However, due to the Covid 19, pandemic things got messed up for both the makers and the viewers. The first season of it was released in 2015. After which the 2018’s season The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky got the most famous and people from all around the world started to know and love anime even more. The 5th season ‘7 Deadly Sins’ is expected to be the most famous of all.


In the last season, we saw Susumu Nishizawa returned as director backed by Studio DEEN. Marvy Jack handled animation production with Rie Nishino as animation character designer and Chikako Yokota is directing sound. The interesting end of the last season excited fans more for the next season and fans couldn’t resist waiting for the 5th season. There is a lot of famous anime that will get you addicted and keep you entertained. However, the 5th season of the Dragon’s Judgement has got it all. It will take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions and yet manage to entertain you at the same time.


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already watched the trailer of the 5th season then watch it now on Netflix. Stay tuned with us for more such updated about your favourite show.

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