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Shane Dawson Breaks YouTube Fast! Appears In Latest Video Of Fiance Ryland Adams!

Shane Dawson Ryland Adams
Source: Super Fame

Shane Dawson Makes YouTube Comeback Through Ryland Adams Channel

Shane Dawson Breaks YouTube Fast! Appears In Latest Video Of Fiance Ryland Adams!: Shane Dawson is finally out of his YouTube fast. He recently made a comeback to the camera but not on his channel. Shane made his appearance on the YouTube channel of his fiancΓ© Ryland Adams.

The video was about how the couple had gone about their bedroom makeover. During the 18-minute video, Shane appears almost all the time and looked pretty normal even after losing support due to recent controversy. Ryland named the video, β€œOur Bedroom Makeover Reveal.” Even in the thumbnail, Ryland includes Shane even after the controversy.

Shane Dawson Ryland Adams
Source: Super Fame

Why Was Shane Dawson On A YouTube Break

Shane Dawson took a break from YouTube after he got caught in the middle of a controversy. Many old videos of Shane Dawson resurfaced on the internet that was not appropriate. In those YouTube videos, Shane makes racist comments and even promotes paedophilia.

Moreover, in one of the videos, Shane acts like masturbating in front of a Willow Smith poster who was a teenager at that time. Along with receiving backlash from the public, the movement against him picked up speed when Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett also criticized him. Due to all this, he deleted all objectionable videos and released a video called β€˜Taking Accountability’ where he apologized for his content. Since then, he has not put any video.

Netizens Are Not Happy With Shane Dawson’s Comeback

It looked like Shane was doing a pilot run and checking the mood of the audience before making a comeback on his own channel. However, from the reaction from people, he would have to wait before putting up content on his channel.

Netizens have still not forgiven him and were not happy to see Shawn in the video. His racist and pedophilic content will take a long time to go from people’s minds.

Shane Dawson
Source: Heavy

Effect Of Recent Controversy On Shane Dawson’s YouTube Channel

The digital audience was outraged with the resurfaced content and protested against by unsubscribing his channel. He lost more than a million followers which clearly shows that the public is not happy with what he has done in the past.

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