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Shane Dawson Faces Resentments After Introducing New Merchandise!

Shane Dawson Introduces New Merchandise
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Shane Dawson Faces Resentments After Introducing New Merchandise!: American Youtuber Shane Dawson made a comeback on his boyfriend’s youtube channel two months back. The video was all about the couple where Dawson’s Boyfriend decorated their room, and he later captured the moment. However, the clip is uploaded to Dawson Boyfriend’s Youtube Channel.

Though the youtube star made a comeback, he faced a lot of criticism and hatred from the day. Moreover, YouTuber has already lost many of his followers. Since he made racial comments and moreβ€”however, there’s more to this story. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about Dawson’s Recent Action.

Shane Dawson Introduces New Merchandise

Shane Dawson Introduces New Merchandise
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The California Born YouTuber Launched a Brand New Merchandise Of his own. The Merchandise Consist of Hoodies and T-shirts With Phrase “spiralling since 1988” Printed on it. However, the Youtuber is trying to make a silent Comeback. Moreover, the Announcement of Merch is made through Email Marketing. Where Dawson’s Team Sent Official Email to the Subscribers. It is belived that Jeffree Star is Helping His dear friend by Announcing Giveaways.

Subscribers React To Dawson’s Merch

Subscribers React To Dawson's Merch
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The Youtuber has gained more than a million Subscriber on his youtube channel. But it seems to be fake as many of his followers have already unsubscribed his channel after the controversy. At the same time, Some of them say that the YouTuber is trying to make money out of it. As Dawson’s Youtube Career is already over, he is trying to gain sympathy. One person reacted to Dawson’s New merch Tweeting “So..- Shane Dawson came out with some ugly ass merch even though he got removed is he attempting to get business because his channel got demonetised or any shit?? like?? you expect people to buy this??

Dawson’s Controversies

Dawson's Controversies
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Shane is indeed a racist and sexist and he said it by himself. He made a vulgar comment on black people during the time of BLM. Where the world was fighting to end racism from the world, His statement made him even more disgusting. Moreover, The Youtuber also made Sexualizing Comments On pet animals. In a video, he committed that he sexualised his pet cat. As a result, he even apologised for his behaviour yet.

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