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Shane Dawson Launches Merchandise In Spite Of The Scandalous Controversies.

Shane Dawson, the 32-year-old YouTuber is mostly known for creating highly offensive controversial videos on YouTube. He has over Β 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He had been cancelled by the fans several times for this offensive racism content that had hurt many groups of people.


Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson: The Apology.

There’s barely days without this celeb getting into trouble. One month back, Shane decided to open up on YouTube. He posted an ‘Apology video’ as titled ‘taking accountability’. In this video, he explains, justifies and apologies about all his offensive content. He has now deleted 2 of his main account from youtube where he u posted all these offensive content.

Fans don’t seem to accept his tearful apology since it is not at all enough for everything he has been doing all these years. Later after the video goes viral people claimed that Shane has not changed as a person dragging his into further drama.

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Shane’s ugly past.

After all, this drama and controversies coming out, Shane decides to launch his merchandise silently without saying anything about his latest controversies.

Earlier the merchandise was worn and promoted by Jeffery style own is known to be the beauty guru of YouTube.

His recent stories on social media show how less bothered he is about all the drama and controversies. Shane chooses to stay quiet and launch his merchandise promised by many celebrities.

But let me tell you fans are not here for it. Fans are furious about his ignorant behaviour on the controversy. People are showering hate on him. Do you think he deserves the hate he is getting? What do you think about his new merchandise?

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