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Shane Dawson Makes Comeback On Social Media! Thanks Boyfriend Ryland Adams!

Shane Dawson Thanks Boyfriend Ryland Adams
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Shane Dawson Makes Comeback On Social Media! Thanks, Boyfriend Ryland Adams!: Ryland Adams is the man who made Shane’s Comeback possible On Social Media Websites.  Shane Dawson was inactive for a long time now since his sayings Hurt million of his fans. YouTuber Shane remains criticised for many controversies. He got defamed for Racial Comedy, Racial comments and disrespecting Blacks. Later in the year 2018, he commented paedophilia. However, that statement made people hate him even more. Once he made a sexual comment saying “I get intimate with my cat.” However, he later realised his mistake and apologised for the same.

Shane Dawson Is back On Social Media

Shane Dawson Is back On Social Media
source: Insider

The American based Youtuber made a comeback on his social media handle a past week. The part-time Actor remains Inactive for a long time. However, he was seen last time in June in his Boyfriends Youtube Video. Moreover, his name was dragged into many controversies. At the same time, he denied those allegations put and decided for a fresh start. However coming back to the point, Dawson posted a written Instagram Story For his Boyfriend, Ryland Adams. He stated:

“I wasn’t planning on coming back to the internet for a while but today is the best day for my best friend and I want to be there for him the way he has always been there for me”.

Shane Dawson Thanks Boyfriend Ryland Adams

Shane Dawson Is back On Social Media
source: MTV

Ryland Adams in a Youtuber just like his Boyfriend Dawson. He started his Youtube Carrer way back before Dawson. Ryland Adams is Hosting a Talk show named ‘The Sip.’ However, the podcast will interview people from Youtube Community and others. Dawson Congratulated his Fiance For his First Podcast. He says Adams is the only support of his life and someone who understands him. Shane continued saying he visited internet to appreciate Ryland Adams and thank him for coming into his life.

About Ryland Adams

Shane Dawson Is back On Social Media
SOURCE: tubefilter.com

Adams is an American Youtuber and an Actor. Moreover, Youtuber has an interest in writing story play and such. However, Adams worked as an on-air host and producer for Clevver. Clevver is an online Pop Culture Media Company. Talking on dating life, Rylands started dating Shane Dawson from 2016 and got engaged with him later in 2019.

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