Shane Dawson’s Breaks Silence and Reenter on YouTube

Shane Dawson underwent a criticism about his old content

Dawson lost aΒ hundred million subscribers on YouTube within two weeks. Shane Lee Yaw as Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, actor, musician, and comedian. The first one is to rise to fame on video conferencing on YouTube. Till a few months ago he has been a “King Of YouTube”.

Week of controversies as of 29th June Youtube has temporarily demonetized the channel of Shane Dawson. Youtube takes such actions when the creator has put a negative impact on its collective community. As Shane Dawson circulates multiple videos and photos of the star engaging in racist jokes, blackface, sexualizing animals, and minors.

But he stated that past behavior is the result of his mental health struggle.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson regretted past content

Dawson made a 20min video clip in which he seems to be apologized for past content in which he relied on racist stereotypes and make jokes about pedophilia.

He also emphasized that he will not talk any inappropriate about the children in any way. Many Videos of Dawson has met with outrage from followers as users unearthed old videos of Dawson’s

In his clip pretended to masturbate to a poster of Willow Smith.

His mother Jada Smith took to Twitter to scold the YouTube star, writing that she was done with excuses.

Shane Dawson remained quite on social media

The appearance of content on Dawson’s channels was a signal towards a return to a platform. The Youtuber star lost more than one million supporters on Youtube and also removed his content from his two-channel. Morph said he will no longer sell his makeup product.

Meantime, the Youtube star remains quite for a white on social media. According to Youtube, he is no longer a revenue generator from his Youtube channel.


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