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Shania Twain Sends A Special Birthday Shout-Out To Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Shania Twain has a sweet birthday greeting to Brad Pitt, who turned 57 on Friday.

“Happy Birthday to Brad Pitt, I’m going to make an exception for today,” the country singer wrote on Twitter, referring to her 1997 hit single, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.”

“Okay, so you’re Brad Pitt, that doesn’t really impress me,” Twain, 55, says in the song.

Pitt’s nude photographs

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The actress had already opened up about why she had used the famous actor in the track in 2017, telling Billboard that it had to do with the controversy unfolding in the news about Pitt’s nude photographs in the wake of his divorce from ex-Gwyneth Paltrow.

“I remember I had a girlfriend visiting me, and it was near Christmas, and we were cooking cookies,” Twain said at the time. “I was writing this album, and there was a scandal of [Pitt] and Gwyneth, where there were naked pictures of him.”

And this was like all the rage,” she went on. I just thought, ‘I don’t know what all the chaos is about.’ I’m like, well that doesn’t really impress me. I mean, what’s all the turmoil?

Therefore the line in the song was intended to downplay the uproar.

“Every day we see people naked,” Twain said. “That’s precisely what I was wondering. I didn’t pick up on Brad Pitt. But it was just the association at the time, and the stuff we’re making noises about and whatever.”

Twain said, “Of course, it could have been a wonderful guy.”

Twain also related to the iconic lyric earlier this year when a Twitter user posted on how Pitt’s role in Ad Astra features several different facets of “That Don’t Impress Me Much like lines about how to be a rocket scientist and get a car are not amazing features.

“Did nobody remember that BRAD PITT had just played a ROCKET SCIENTIST, who had a CAR?! THOSE ARE THE THREE Aspects NOT Inspire SHANIA TWAIN MUCH!!! “The fan wrote, and Twain reacted to it with a series of smiling, weeping emojis.

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