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Shannen Doherty Talks About Breast Cancer And How She Has Lot Of Life In Her!

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Β ‘I’ve Got A Lot Of Life In Me’- Shannen Doherty.

Shannen Doherty Talks About Breast Cancer And How She Has Lot Of Life In Her!: In the latest issue of Elle magazine, Shannen Doherty opens up about her cancer journey. The 49-year-old actress and filmmaker talked about her diagnosis till today and what future holds for her.


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β€œWhen I got cancer the first time, it was this really beautiful thing, because it finally stripped all of that away. Those walls were, like, eliminated. That sort of childhood resentmentβ€”19 to me is childhoodβ€”was gone,”

She explained how she had arranged a dinner with her closest friend. When her doctor shared the news of cancer’s return with them.

Back in 2019, after feeling some back pain. Doherty underwent a PET scan less than two years after she had completed medication.

She continued, β€œI was like, β€˜Okay, do I have good karma? Do I have bad karma? Why would I have bad karma?’ I started taking stock of my life and the things I’d done, and the things I hadn’t done. How I was with people.”

Shannen adds that in her professional or personal life, she is not even close to doing the stuff she needs to do.

A few weeks later, at a dinner party, she and her husband Kurt Iswarienko were holding at a rental house in Venice, the’ 90210′ actress broke the news to her loved ones. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Dr Piro were among those invited, telling everyone that Doherty had relapsed and that her breast cancer had reached Stage IV.

“Everybody got to ask questions and know what we were looking at as a group, as a team,” Doherty said of the party.

Dr Piro clarified that her treatment this time around would include hormone therapy to block the oestrogen driving her cancer. Plus a second targeted medication that is also effective in stabilising metastatic disease. Although the “Charmed” actress had undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation following her first diagnosis in 2015.

Shannen Has Grown And Appreciate Little Things

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A year later, in February 2020, during an appearance on “Good Morning America,” Doherty announced her breast cancer had returned.
Today, amid the coronavirus pandemic, when she isolates her husband at home, Doherty says she has grown to appreciate the little things in life.

β€œI haven’t sat down to write letters. That’s something I need to do,” she said. β€œThere are things I need to say to my mom. I want my husband to know what he’s meant to me.”

β€œBut whenever it comes time for me to do it, it feels so final. It feels like you’re signing off, and I’m not signing off,” she added. β€œI feel like I’m a very, very healthy human being. It’s hard to wrap up your affairs when you feel like you’re going to live another 10 or 15 years.”

β€œIt’s like anybody with Stage IV faces this sort of thing, where others want to put you out to pasture,” Shannen shared. β€œI’m not ready for pasture. I’ve got a lot of life in me.”

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