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Sharon Osbourne Supposedly Drove Marie Osmond To Quit The Show!

Sharon forced Marie to leave the Talk show?

Sharon Pushed Marie Out?

Sharon Osbourne Supposedly Drove Marie Osmond To Quit The Show!: Marie Osmond’s departure was far from friendly, according to the outlet and its notorious insiders. Osbourne “chased” her straight from the show. While the magazine accepts the fact that her family was the subject ofΒ  Sharon Osmond’s public declaration, it rejects Osmond’s own words for a much darker take on the situation.

Sharon Osbourne and Marie Osmond

One source states that Marie thought the show would be fun and just a bunch of gals gabbing about their lives. She figured out it was utterly naΓ―ve. From the beginning, Sharon hated her. Marie felt that Sharon was jealous of her and feeling that she did not belong. There was a strong divide between them and an undercurrent of bitchiness that everyone noticed.

‘Sharon is NOT going to put up with Marie trying to hog the spotlight!’ adds the tipster. “Marie was talked over, worked over and stomped on by Sharon from the get-go whenever she tried to give a serious point of view,” they add. “On the panel, Sharon’s saying longer than anyone else and thinks that gives her the right to lead the conversation.

She has a lot of control over what’s happening on The Talk, and that pushed Marie off. The publication, though, still doesn’t let Osmond off the hook. Besides, Marie is a softie and a pushover.

Why Did Marie Leave The Show?


The large piece of gossip has one thing missing: the pandemic. The Enquirer never discusses the coronavirus or even the forced hiatus of the show as a result of the pandemic in the entire piece. Honestly, it’s fair to say that the experience Osmond had on the show was entirely different from what she expected. For a successful first part of the season, she joined, but the show’s delay and retooling for a virtual production were not in the programmer’s cards for anyone. Oddly, this is not even considered a significant consideration by the publication, almost as unusual as its decision to ignore Osmond’s remarks on her departure.

The reason she left is straightforward. She decided to concentrate on other things. The show takes up a lot of time and resources. Osmond found that she needed to free up her life, just like Gilbert. The magazine only doubled down on dismissing Marie Osmond’s phrases instead of listening. The suggestion that there was bad blood between her and Osbourne before has been thoroughly discussed.

AsΒ she told Andy CohenΒ earlier this year, they’re professionals. “Don’t believe anything you read,” she said after Cohen asked about a dispute between the two. “Sharon and I are great friends.” When Cohen asked if Osmond thought Osbourne owed her an apology after one of their arguments, she literally laughed and said, “No, she doesn’t owe me anything! She’s awesome!” Hopefully, the insiders at theΒ EnquirerΒ caught her next line: “We’re very different, we’re both strong women, I mean, I’ve been in this business β€” this is my sixth decade! I’ve been around.”

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