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Sharon Stone Urges Fans To Vote For Kamala Harris To Save Families

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Sharon Stone Has A Special Message For Us To Vote For Kamala Harris

On Sunday, in the lead-up to the upcoming presidential election, the 62-year-old Oscar nominee Sharon Stone took to Instagram. She gave a special message to women voters in Florida, urging them to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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In a note addressed to the “Women of Florida,” the star shared a simple image. Black background with white lettering.

“Hi! I’ve come to visit your state since I was a teenager. The sun, the music!!, the Keys!” she began. “I made the Specialist there. I raised money for battered women there. What I know about you: you’re resilient, brave, fun, smart and yes you are sexy if I can be so bold.”

Stone continued: “Your COVIDΒ numbers are scaring me, because I’m a long time infectious disease worker; I helped your families and friends w HIV/AIDS & I will be there to help you recover from this. As a mom, a woman, & someone who SEES you, I urge you to believe me when I say Trust is why voting for a woman in the White House will save your families lives.”

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Of course, the “Basic Instinct” star was referring to Kamala Harris, the vice presidential nominee paired to oppose Trump with Joe Biden.
VOTE # BIDENHARRIS to live,” concluded Stone.
The letter to Floridians follows a similar one sent only last week by the actress to the “Women of South Carolina,” asking them to vote against Lindsey Graham.

Source: MarketWatch

The actress joins a long list of stars who have thrown their weight behind the Biden-Harris ticket.
In her endorsement, she follows the likes of Dwayne “The Hammer” Johnson and Taylor Swift. At the same time, stars like Jon Voight and Kirstie Alley have expressed support for Trump.

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