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Shawn Dawson “King Of YouTube” To The Biggest Fall Ever Seen On Online Platform

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King Of YouTube Witness His Biggest Fall

Shawn Dawson won his crown as the “King of YouTube” over the last few years.

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The documentary series-length videos that arguably changed how content on the web was created. With his mega-popular conspiracy theory videos and his access to controversial stars such as Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, and elusive ones like Eugenia Cooney. Dawson ‘s success has grown and increased, equal parts untouchable and empathetic.
But while he’s been working hard on this friendly picture, many people have never forgotten Dawson ‘s history. Blackface, jokes and other problematic behavior compilation videos will reappear sporadically.
Now, Dawson may finally have passed the point of no return in the eye of “Karmageddon’s” storm.

When he posted a long statement about the YouTube beauty group less than two weeks ago. Bashing “dramatic gurus” and claiming that James Charles “needed to be served a slice of humble pie”. When he lost three million subscribers last year, Dawson seemed to light up the match that ignited his own cancellation.

Dawson Ignited His Own Fall

It wasn’t going down well. People in the group began to accuse Dawson of using the world of beauty as a cash grab. he was building his Conspiracy palette with Star. He made his millions, then bolting and trashing it from the outside quickly. In exchange, this seemed to lead to more angry commentators dredging inappropriate and offensive content from Dawson ‘s history. Such as making jokes about sexualizing kids and animals, dressing in blackface, and using racial slurs.

The situation escalated over the next few days to Dawson being called out by Hollywood royalty. He was the target of Tati Westbrook‘s explosive take-down video, where she said he and Star “gaslit”. He tricked her into uploading the video that caused the death of Charles,

“Bye Sister”

in May 2019, as a means of promoting their upcoming collaboration.
A nod to the beauty community ‘s past of meltdowns. This time of exposing Dawson and Star has been dubbed “Karmageddon.”

In the last two weeks, all the drama has resulted in Dawson losing over 1,000,000 subscribers. His books and cosmetics were pulled from Morphe and Target’s online shops.

YouTuber Cherita Gaskin of Cherita Describes It All told Insider she always suspected that Dawson would crash and burn eventually. But she “didn’t know it was going to happen so quickly.”

β€œHis fall from grace was such a complete crash because he was able to get away with such despicable things for so long,” she said. β€œHe made his living off being a bigot and a terrible person. Someone like him does whatever it takes to stay on top.”

Dawson’s History Haunts Him For Year

This is by no means the first time that the history of Dawson has returned to haunt him.

Source: Business Insider

He has been on YouTube as a celebrity on social media for over a decade. At the height of “edgy” comedy, he began his online career. It was a time when you would try to say the most offensive thing you could think of to get a laugh, as Mike Majlak said in a recent Impaulsive podcast episode.

Dawson has apologized for his past in many apology videos spread throughout his career. He told that he no longer recognizes the person in the old footage that resurfaces periodically. But an apology this time didn’t cut it. Finally, what tipped the career and popularity of Dawson over the edge was the combination of Dawson’s newfound prominence, his poorly timed letter to the beauty world. The “manipulative” mark of his. The cancellation seems to have persisted this time, and he doesn’t know what to do with it.

β€œRight now he’s scrambling because he’s never been held accountable,” said Gaskin. β€œHis karma for not taking an ounce of accountability is coming at him fast. For whatever reason people are now just becoming upset about his past actions when they have been there all along and they now want answers.”

This Is Not The End!

This is possibly not yet the end of Dawson ‘s online career. Whatever shape it takes, his next YouTube series will always carry him millions of views because he will be awaited by his die-hard fans.

Some of the fellow YouTubers like Dawson have survived worse. A few weeks, months , or even years later, many have been cancelled again to rise from the ashes. Relph thinks Dawson will take a long break, followed by a “return to its roots,” from his channel.
Right now, it’s unclear whether Dawson retires on his millions made from the Controversy side. Or returns to his channel with a heavy heart and bruised ego. All we can tell for sure is that he’s going to have to put his YouTube crown away in the closet at the back of his beauty home. Because the old YouTube reign is over, and soon he won’t need it.

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