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Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello: Let’s Address Rumours About Shawn And Camila’s Break up

Shawn & Camila

Let’s Address Rumours About Shawn & Camila’s Break up!: It’s no secret that Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello are the it-couple in the industry.Β That’s why the news of their alleged break up has strung many hearts.

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However, right after their alleged breakup, several sources gave out information as to why they ended it. While some said it was Camila who ended it, the other half said the opposite. Nevertheless, let’s get into the details of their alleged breakup.

Love Is Still In The Air

Alright, let’s be real, slight misconceptions give rise to detailed rumours. That’s what happened with Camila and Shawn. Not a long ago, the couple went for the Grammys, but separately.
Reportedly, Shawn reached the venue earlier, and then Camila arrived. The fact that the Senorita couple didn’t share a red carpet was the last straw for impatient fans.
Shawn & Camila
Several fans started speculating rumours that they’d broken up as Shawn removed a video of him kissing Camila from Instagram. Moreover, neither Camila not Shawn has given life to these rumours. Safe to say, neither of them has deleted each other from their social media accounts.

All About Her Dad!

Not a long ago, Camila released a new song called ‘First Man’ as a part of her album Romance. Cabello said that the song ‘First Man’ is dedicated to her dad.

Shawn & Camila
via The Blast

Moreover, Camila went to the red carpet with her dad as her date. So, to answer your question, no, everything’s well in the paradise for Shawn and Camila.

However, some sources say that Camila didn’t share the red carpet with Shawn as she didn’t want the attention to be on them, but on her dad. She wanted the night to be all about her dad!

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Love It When You Call Me Senorita!

Shawn and Camila started dating a few months back. However, rumours of their alleged relationship struck up when the couple first paired up during the song- Senorita.

The sensual song gave heed to estimations and rumours, but the duo shut them by saying they were ‘just friends’ Nonetheless, months into their ‘supposed’ friendship, the duo developed feelings and decided to gave their relationship a try.

Moreover, this wasn’t the first time the duo has brushed off rumours about their breakup. Ever since they started dating, they gave examples of their love for each other via social media so that people would stop spreading rumours.

Thus, we assume this makes it clear that the couple is happy and still together. Moreover, they will remain together in the near future!


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