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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Are NOT Heading For A Split!

Shawn and Camila's PDA
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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Are NOT Heading For A Split!:Β Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have known each other for a long time. Only recently, the duo came out about their relationship earlier this year.

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That is to say, for a few weeks now, rumours about Shawn and Camila’s split are stirring up. However, let me clear, Shawn and Camila aren’t heading for a breakup. The love birds are happy together.

Let’s Address The Rumours

Firstly, let’s address the rumours. Ever since the COVID surge in the United States happened, Shawn and Camila have been quarantining together.

Shawn and Camila
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While some couples are happily enjoying their homestay together, some sources believed that Shawn and Camila weren’t happy and were fighting all the time.

However, this is not true. Earlier this year when Camila and Shawn went to the Grammy’s alone, fans thought that they’ve broken up, but, Camila went to the Grammy’s with her dad, and didn’t want Shawn to outshine her dad’s thunder.

That is to say, were the rumours about Shawmila.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Are NOT Heading For A Split!

Despite the lingering rumours, Shawn and Camila have proven everyone wrong, again. After the rumours stirred up, Camila put up a story on her Instagram, tagging Shawn and asking him whether it’s true or not.

Shawn and Camila
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It indicates that Camila was as shocked as us when she heard the news of their breakup. Not to mention, the PDA couple has always taken Instagram to express their love for each other. Their Instagram account is full of their pictures together with lovable captions.

So, it is unnecessary that the duo is headed for a breakup.

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Shawn and Camila met in 2015 and became friends in an instance. Since then rumours of their relationship stirred up. But, the duo always denied it and called themselves as best friends. Moreover, Camila was dating someone else back then.

Provided that, when Camila and Shawn put up their new Song and music video for the song ‘Senorita,’ fans went crazy as Shawmila portrayed a sensual look. Perhaps, after that, the duo started dating in 2019 and made it public instantly.

That is to say, the couple has not split up and is enjoying their lives together.



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