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Shawn Mendes Girlfriend Camila Cabello Is All In Praise For Mendes’s Title Track “Wonder” In Her Instagram Post

Shawn Mendes Girlfriend Camila Cabello Is All In Praise For Mendes's Title Track "Wonder" In Her Instagram Post
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Recently, Shawn Mendes released his title track “Wonder” from his upcoming album. The whole album is arriving on December 4. Wonder is his first song in this year.

Shawn Mendes Dropped “Wonder” Teaser A Week Ago On His Social Media Accounts

The singer was last seen in “Senorita” for which he collaborated with Camila Cabello. “If I Can’t Have You” was also released in 2019. Both the songs were declared hit by the audience.

It has been a week since Mendes dropped the trailer of wonder. One can see Shawn playing the piano and singing at the same time. Later he jumped from the window and went into the world of wonders.

Camila Cabello, Shawn’s Girlfriend, Applauded Mendes For His Upcoming Title Track & Album

The Havana singer, also Shawn’s girlfriend, seemed excited about her boyfriend’s new song release. She too shared Wonder teaser on her Instagram. Camila wrote that this world could always use magic and wonder but especially in hard times like this.

She further added that Shawn has created this album with every single piece of his soul. His intentions are only to spread love in this crazy time. We all know she is talking about the COVID-19 pandemic here. She concluded her post by writing, “My love, I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so excited for people to see and hear your heart. ❤️”

Shawn Mendes replied a red heart emoji ❤️ in response to his girlfriend’s sweet post. Mendes new song Wonder depicts the singer emotional and vulnerable side. He also said that these are the real strengths in a human being.

Mendes Album Has Been Crafted From His Own Emotions

However, the Stitches singer was a bit nervous about showing the world his vulnerable side. The song is being praised by the fans and critics for its honesty and emotional perspective.

You can check out Wonder video below if you haven’t seen it till now.

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