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Shereé Whitfield Broke Silence On The fate Of Her Label SHE by Shereé

Shereé Whitfield Broke Silence On The fate Of Her Label SHE by Shereé
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Shereé Whitfield Broke Silence On The fate Of Her Label SHE by Shereé: We all are aware of the unhealthy relationship between us and our comfy sweats. Talks are going around Shereé Whitfield much-anticipated series of cosy joggers. It is also known by the name SHE by Shereé.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta alum announced her upcoming fashion empire in the early seasons of the show. Since that time, the label has provided high-end runway brands. However, now, it has decided to include low critical incarnation such as joggers, T-shirt and streetwear.

Shereé is working hard enough on a reimagined version of her label.

Andy Asked Whitefield On Golden Robes’ Awards Whether Her Label Would Come Up With Joggers

Whitefield was nominated for “Best @Home Vault Item”  at the prestigious  “Golden Robes’ Awards”. The event occurred on October 7. Andy Cohen hosted it. It commemorated the best moments in the Bravo Clubhouse.

So, when Shereé accepted her award, she was asked by Andy about her appearance in all the joggers. He further asked whether we could expect to see this.

What Shereé Whitefield Said?

To that Whitefield replied, “You know what, Andy, first… you know, after we talked, the whole world shut down — that’s factories, your manufacturing… that’s everything. So, that was the end of the joggers. But who knows.”

She also added that talks have been buzzing around them. However, one day her label might come up with joggers, but at the present moment, it’s not.

It ends all the speculations based on this topic. Shereé took to her Instagram to thank everybody.

She wrote, “It was such an honour to receive the prestigious Golden Robe Award tonight on behalf of my Spring/ Summer Jogger line that NEVER was!”In the recent Instagram post, Shereé opted for a silver-coloured silk wrap dress.

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