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Shipt :Experienced A System Outage On Friday As Its Shoppers Boycotted The Company !


Shipt Shoppers Boycott

SHIPT shoppers boycotted the company I order to receive compensation and protection against the corona pandemic. The shipt shoppers demanded $5 hazard pay for every order; two weeks of paid sick leave for those who test positive for COVID-19 as well as those who don’t; PPE, including gloves and masks for all employees; a reversal of a cancelled payment system; and a better tipping system. The shipt shoppers’ boycott caused some issues on Friday.

Shoppers Letter In Fox Business

A letter was circulated in Fox business addressing all the customers that, “We are thankful that our Shipt customers are choosing to stand with us in solidarity as we urge Shipt and Target to value people over profits, particularly during this worldwide pandemic. To all customers who wanted not to place orders today, we thank you.

Shipt shoppers boycott
The people are getting the products from the shops.

May this send a message to Shipt Headquarters that customers care about the treatment of their Shoppers who risk their lives ever (sic) day to bring them groceries during this pandemic – and that Shipt should care too,” the statement signed “Shipt Shoppers” read.

Shipt Shoppers Boycott: System Experienced Outage

Shipt customers and shoppers shared posts on Twitter and Reddit complaining about technical issues on the app on Friday. It is unclear whether the app system outage was related to the boycott.

“We remain committed to delivering the groceries, essentials, and medicine our customers during this unprecedented time, especially as we approach a holiday weekend,” a Shipt spokesperson said in a statement to FOX Business.Β “We have seen a double-digit increase in created orders compared to the previous week.Β At this time, our efforts are focused on hiring additional shoppers and support team members to fill orders quickly and efficiently during this period of increased demand.”

Shipt shoppers boycott
The poster that calls people for the shipt shoppers’ boycott.

Disappoint Among Shipt Shoppers

Highly disappointed Shipt stoppers with its treatment and care towards the employees. It doesn’t pay much attention to the employee’s health and safety.

β€œUnless you get tested for COVID-19, or you’re half dead, Shipt’s not going to care,” Iowa-based Shipt shopper Angie Kufner tells TechCrunch. Kufner hasn’t been working for the past couple of weeks because she’s been feeling ill, but Shipt has not provided her with sick pay, even though Shipt provides workers diagnosed with COVID-19 up to two weeks worth of sick pay.

This event reveals the carelessness and a ruthless attitude of Shipt towards its Shoppers.

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