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Shocking! Denver Revealed As Cincinnati’s Real Father; Money Heist Season 5 Theories

Denver might be unveiled as Cincinnati's real father.
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Shocking! Denver Revealed As Cincinnati’s Real Father; Money Heist Season 5 Theories: Money Heist Season 5 will soon be making its final entry for the Season last and final Season. Fans came up with theories on what’s going to happen next.

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One fan is quiet convinced that Denver might be unveiled as Cincinnati’s birth father.

The Fourth Season Of Money Heist

The fourth season, of the Spanish show, left many questions answered and it’s coming back for its last Season.

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Fans saw a dramatic ending for season 4, with Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) finding the Professor’s hideout and holding him at gunpoint.

Also, the squad of criminals were left infuriated by the sudden death of Nairobi and prepared to take the fight ahead.

Netflix "Let the heist began"
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But with the pandemic situation, the final Season was postponed giving fans ample time to come up with different theories and expectations.

Fan Theories And Assumptions

Some loose threads have to lead to fans suspecting, police inspector Alicia Sierra. I am convinced that there is more to her other than what meets the eye.


With the plot becoming predictable lately, fans have started raising fingers on a budding bank robber, Cincinnati (Luca Anton).Β He made an appearance in season 3.

Also, revealing that Monica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo) was raising her son with her husband Denver (Jaime Lorente).

Monica GaztambideΒ Theories

We saw, Monica pregnant even before the start of the heist. She had been pregnant with the child of Royal Mint’s irritating director Arturo RomΓ‘n (Enrique Arce).

Cincinnati (Luca Anton)
Source: PinkVilla.com

Redditor tv series only took to Reddit to purpose his theory. Many people have agreed to him while some seem to think otherwise.

According to him:

“During the first heist, we see Denver and Stockholm having sex.Β  [But] before the heist Arturo said that he was sterile, so maybe Cincinnati is Denver’s son?”

Also, at the starting of the season 1, we saw Monica and Denver hit off together. Later with Arturo, showing his nasty side, the couple started a relationship, later got married.

Cincinnati (Luca Anton)

With Arturo, finally out if the picture, could the cowardly banker not be Cincinnati father? This theory can be ruled out as Monica revelled about the pregnancy before the heist.

One person supported the theory and commented:

This is an unbelievably stupid theory considering she asked for an abortion pill in the first or second episode.”

Unfortunately, we guess we won’t find out about the truth as the last Season is already decided and will be coming next year.

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