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SHOCKING! Donald Trump Has A Problem With Obama Winning The Nobel Peace Prize!

Donald Trump Obama
Source: CNN

Donald Trump Fires Shot Joe Biden

SHOCKING! Donald Trump Has A Problem With Obama Winning The Nobel Peace Prize!: Donald Trump is running from one rally to another firing shots at his rival Joe Biden. He is holding physical rallies where people are crowding up with and without a mask.

It brings a lot of risk regarding the virus. However, within the many rallies, Donald Trump has come up with many names for Joe which includes sleepy Joe. Now he calls Joe the worst candidate ever. Prez Trump said:

β€œHe is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics. He doesn’t know he is alive.”

Trump is giving everything he has at the moment to win the elections for a second time.

Donald Trump Obama
Source: CNN

Donald Trump Goes After Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was the arch-rival of Donald Trump back in 2016 and allowed her to become the Presidente President of the US. However, much to everyone’s shock, Donald Trump beat her in the race even though everyone was expecting otherwise. In his recent rally, Trump took a dig at Hillary as well. Donald Trump said:

β€œShe took her telephone and smashed it with a hammer and then deleted the emails. She illegally deleted and her lawyers should go to jail with her.”

Donald Trump Feels Obama Did Not Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize

Just when Obama took over the Oval OffPresidente president, he was given the Nobel Peace Prize for strengthening international diplomacy and cooperation between people. However, Trump feels it was unfair to provide him with the honour at that time as even he did not know why he got it in the first place. Trump said:

β€œObama came into office they gave him the Nobel prize almost immediately. And he had no idea why he got it and he was right about it. I’m a hell of a lot better president than he is.”

Source: YouTube

Donald Trump Criticizes Media Celebrating Obama But Not His Peace Prize Nomination

Again as a shock to everyone, Trump got nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for the second time in the last couple of days. However, he has a complaint against the media. Moreover, he said:

β€œSo we were nominated a few days ago for a Nobel Peace Prize. And yesterday we were nominated a second time. I got zero time on the nightly news – the network news. The president is your country is honoured by being nominated by the Nobel Prize. Not one mention. These people are corrupt.”

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