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Shocking! Ellie Goulding Less Known Fact; Featured On A Drake & Jay Z song

Ellie Goulding,sampled on Drake andย Jay-Z's song Pound Cake.ย 

Many fans have not known or forgotten the fact, but Ellie Goulding recently shocked her fans. Making them remember that her vocals were sampled on Drake and Jay-Z’s song Pound Cake.

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Ellie Goulding Featured On A Drake & Jay Z song.

Recently, Burn, the singer took to Tik-Tok to remind her fans about the fact that evidently, many fans either forgot or didnโ€™t know.

Ellie Goulding

In the video, you can see Ellie sitting in her bedroom. She captioned the teases: โ€˜Hereโ€™s something I bet you didnโ€™t know about meโ€ฆโ€™

Also, to smiling as Pound Cake plays, she added ‘This is my voice on this song, โ€™.

Many people had been clueless, in addition to one person commenting: โ€˜Learn something new every day!โ€™

In addition to comments like, โ€˜Why didnโ€™t I know?โ€™ while another said: โ€˜Why are we just finding this out now.โ€™

Drake &ย Jay-Z’s song Pound Cake

In 2013, Drake released the sound Pound Cake, which featured on his third studio album. Nothing Was The Same. The atmospheric track spotlights verse from Jay Z and accompanied by the B-side track Paris Morton Music 2.

Drake, Jay Z and accompanied by the B-side track Paris Morton Music 2.ย 
Source: vibescona.wodpress.com

“In addition to it’s sample-heavy with Ellieโ€™s vocals from Donโ€™t Say A Word, C.R.E.A.M. from Wu-Tang Clan and Jimmy Smith Rap by Jimmy Smith.”

To check out the song. Click here!

Although the Love Me Like You Do, the singer had revealed about her secret at the time of the songโ€™s release. She even tweeted for her fans to find out.

Also, Ellie, 33, told Captial, hinted that she was set to work with Drake again, in the coming year.

She said:” Obviously heโ€™s sampled me on one of his songs before and Iโ€™ve done some stuff for him for his new album potentially.”

In addition, she also added, “We converse! He discovered my voice on his last album, he sampled it, and I think heโ€™s become a fan through that. So who knows, something might happen.”

According to sources, Drake has been working on a new album. We hope that we again get to see both the singers working together soon.

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