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SHOCKING! Man Kills Himself And Streams It On Facebook!

SHOCKING! Man Kills Himself And Streams It On Facebook!: A video recently went off on the internet, and people went crazy. In the video, a man reportedly killed himself on a Facebook live. The recording of the video then went viral on tik tok.

The Man Who Streamed His Death

Ronnie McNutt, 33, An American man allegedly killed himself at home while sat in front of a desk. At the same time, they were broadcasting the same on Facebook. Lakhs of people unintentionally watched the live stream.

The man’s friends showed their grief, saying they wish they reached his home on time. They want to the best for him and his family. Further crying that they can’t unseen the video, it is everywhere.

Ronnie McNutt in the frame

Facebook claims that they removed the video the same day as it got broadcasted. Whereas, tik tok release the footage of the incident and banning the repost of it.

Ronnie’s death happened in Mississippi on August 31, when he went live on Facebook and killed himself. Facebook has however removed all it’s post, however, TikTok desperately now trying to remove any clips of the incident and banning anyone who re-uploads it.

Role Of Tiktok & Facebook

Both Facebook and TikTok have warned people not to watch the video even if it appears on their feeds. It’s said if you see a big bearded man with glasses doesn’t watch the video. Just don’t.

The Safety Center shows its concern by saying:

“If anyone in our society is struggling with thoughts of suicide. Our is concerned about someone who is, we encourage them to seek support from someone or the other and we provide access to hotlines directly from our app and in our Safety Center.”

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