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SHOCKING! Mexico Drains Home To A ‘Giant Rat’! Video Goes Viral

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SHOCKING! Mexico Drains Home To A ‘Giant Rat’! Video Goes Viral: The shocking video of ‘Giant Rat’ living in Mexico Drains had to go viral when the people cleaning the drain spotted the giant creature.

The ‘Giant Rat’

To watch the viral video, click here!! People had been working in the underground drainage system in Mexico City to clean the drainage and free it from the 22 tons of litter.

While the workers had been working, they spotted the gigantic rat in the drainage system; it wasn’t a living creature but a prop.

Source: ndtv

The Halloween prop had ended up into there drainage system and as people led the support out, the video made by the people around that time.

The Video Goes Viral

On Saturday, the video was on Facebook. It showcased all the people around the rat looking, dwarf. We can see a worker hosing off the remarkably realistic rat sculpture, which shows the rodent in a hunched-over posture.

Source: iheartintelligence
Giant Rat in the Mexico Drains

The video took no time go viral; the video has garnered over 5 lakh views and a ton of reactions.

People had commented on the video and remarked about how the sculpture had a naturalistic appearance. Some were surprised upon how the statue ended in the drains.

The Owner Of The Gigantic Rat

After the video went viral, the owner of the Halloween prop recognised it and had come forward to claim it. Evelin Lopez has claimed that she had made the prop for Halloween from scratch years ago. The drainage system in Mexico City. She had asked for help to look for the prop after it went missing, but no one helped her.

So far, she has not made any decision about whether she wants the prop back, after finding it years later.

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