Shocking Secrets Behind Sana Khan And Mufti Anas Marriage.

Currently, the most talked-about news is the wedding of Bollywood fame Sana Khan with Mufti Anas. Fans are stunned and shocked by the sudden news of Sana’s marriage with a none-celebrity. What can be the reason behind their marriage? Is it the reason why Sana left the glamour industry? Check out everything you need to know about it.


On Monday Sana Khan took yo her Instagram to upload her wedding pictures with her husband. At first, the whole internet was numbed because nobody knew or speculated about her marriage. And seeing her with a man nobody knew about was a shock for them. The picture received a lot of attention. Over a million people liked it and around 70 thousand people commented on it in less than 24 hours.

Sana Khan’s Marriage

In the past few days, Sana uploaded a bunch of more picture from her wedding and other functions. It looked like she is hiding a secret behind her beautiful smile. Can’t didn’t stay quite this time and did a lot of speculations about who Anas is to know the truth about this marriage. Is it love or marriage based on spirituality?

Picture via Instagram.

β€˜Crazy 4 TV’, a YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers uploaded with video of the secrets behind Sana and Anas’s relationship. And that made a lot of sense there after. According to the reports, Sana Khan a year back around the same time broke up with her ex-boyfriend Melvin Louis. The breakup changed Sana’s life completely. She was depressed for several months after which she came up and confessed that Melvin cheated on her several times. And that is the reason they broke up.


After the breakup with didn’t hear more about Sana Khan. But a few months back, she came forward and revealed that she will be quitting the glamour industry. She will no longer be a part of Bollywood and will rather serve humanity and her religion. Can’t we’re really confused about her sudden decision to leave the industry even after getting so much love and appreciation from people all around the world?

Secrets Behind Sana And Anas’s Marriage

Talking about the secrets why she got married to Mufti Anas. According to the reports, Ajaz Khan, who also works in Bollywood and is also a good friend of Sana to her to a spiritual person ( Mufti Anas) for her betterment. Sana started spending more and more time with Anas for her mental peace and she enjoyed learning about the spiritual things.


Sana then found Mufti so inspiring that she wanted to be with him more and more. Later the two decided to get married. And that is also one reason why Sana left Bollywood. Since Anas thought her the importance of all the good actions a person does consider God and religion.


Moreover, fans speculated that one reason why Sana left Bollywood and didn’t care much about making money is that Anas is very rich. Anas has a family business in jewellery and has way too many properties and has enough money to keep the entire family very happy.


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