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Silent Hill PS5 Rumors And PS5 Reveal Event

Silent Hill

Silent Hill PS5: After all these years, the Silent Hill series may be on its way to make a comeback. The rumours of the revival of the series making into headlines every day. We hope this popular 90’s series come back again to entertain us.

Silent Hill is a Japanese horror video game series. Koichiro Toyama created the game series. Konami and Konami Digital ENtertainment played the publisher role for the Silent Hill game series. Back in 1999, the first instalment of the Silent Hill came out. Over the years, this gained a massive fan base. But unfortunately, it cancelled in 2015. But now new rumours are spreading about the revival of the popular horror game. Here is all you have to know about it.

Silent Hill

The Silent Hill And Dead By Daylight Crossover

Konami announced the release of a new game which will be a crossover plot of Silent Hill and DBD. But people not buying this news at all, also marking it suspicious news. As the show ended years ago, there is no easy way it will come back like this. If they are taking the show as a crossover, then there must be a greater reason behind all of this. It seems like they are bringing the game back planning something even bigger from it. The game will release sometime this month or next month.

Rumors Of Silent Hill Revival

An account named DuskGolem claimed the Silent Hill show revival. It posted on Twitter that a new part of the game is under development in Sony’s Japan Studio. But nothing is more specific. Previously, this account provides the remake news of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 8 remake. However, we should not believe these rumours.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill Revival Announcement On PS5 Reveal Event

PS5 Reveal Event: Another rumour suggesting that Sony plans to announce the Silent Hill revival announcement on PS5 reveal event. A Twitter ID posted about this matter. It says, ‘I will lay this out again bluntly. Silent Hill if the Japan Studios, Toyama Directing, etc. Stuff is all true will either be revealed on the 4th or in August. It should be on the 4th as the team is excited to reveal it. The game is PS5 exclusive, and it is in a playable state.”

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